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Matt Cimber and Lynn Fero - 8th Annual BritWeek Launch Party - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Matt Cimber and Lynn Fero

Hundra Review

Filmed back-to-back with the better known -- and better titled -- Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold, Hundra is a recursive adventure tale in the Conan mold with a quasi-feminist take on the whole "sword and sorcery" thing.

Laurene Landon is Hundra and she makes for a striking action lead. Leggy and fierce, it's no surprise she's got a strong cult following. When a tribe of Amazons is all but wiped out by rampaging men, Hundra takes on the savior mantle and heads out into the big, very bad world to be impregnated and continue the tribe. Followed by her giant dog, Beast, Hundra stumbles upon a village run by chauvinist pigs. There, it's a battle royale of the sexes as Hundra must overcome some truly bull-ish men and fulfill her destiny.

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The Witch Who Came From The Sea Review

Really, I'd love to know what could make an actress decide to appear in a blatant exploitation film. Here's one Millie Perkins, who'd played Anne Frank and starred in a couple of Monte Hellman pictures, one opposite Jack Nicholson. Here comes a script about a psychotic waitress who murders her boyfriends and is particularly fond of castration. We'll find out why in the end... she's got a nasty skeleton in her closet, not to mention an unhealthy fascination with the idea of mermaids as witches (hence the title). She even gets a tattoo to take on this role personally.

Not only was The Witch Who Came from the Sea widely banned and critically shat upon, it pretty much killed the career of everyone involved with it. Director Matt Cimber slowly faded into obscurity. Star Perkins didn't reappear in Hollywood for five full years (finally resurfacing on TV). She didn't make another movie until 1984. Vanessa Brown never made another movie. Ditto most of the supporting cast.

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Matt Cimber

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