Muse star Matt Bellamy's ex-girlfriend has issued a warning to his pregnant fiancee Kate Hudson, insisting the British rocker is a "total charmer" with commitment issues.
Canadian model Sophia Bloxam dated Bellamy last year (10) and fell pregnant with his baby.
She kept the news quiet when the couple split in April (10) and later suffered a miscarriage.
She admits she was stunned when she saw photos of Bellamy with Hudson days after they split and has now spoken out about what she claims is a betrayal.
Bloxam tells America's Star magazine, "Here I am pregnant with his child, and he is ignoring me all of a sudden... I felt safe with Matthew, and we talked about having a relationship. I thought I had met my Prince Charming and nothing could go wrong.
"Then I started seeing pictures of Kate and Matthew floating around the internet... Matthew betrayed me. He kicked me to the curb. He said that he was in it for the long run and would never do anything to hurt me."
And now Bloxam is urging her ex's new love not to rush into anything with the Muse frontman.
She adds, "I don't have anything against her. He has an issue with fidelity. Don't be deceived (Kate). He came across as a total charmer, so be very careful!"