Matt Bellamy loves hanging out with his future mother-in-law Goldie Hawn.

The Muse frontman is expecting a baby with the actress' daughter Kate Hudson and admits he loves spending time with his fiancee's mother and stepfather Kurt Russell.

Matt said: "Goldie's an amazing woman. Incredibly down-to-earth, family first and all that stuff.

"As a family, they are unique from what I've seen, from people I've met out there in Los Angeles. It's good not to take all of that glamour-y stuff too seriously. So it's been very nice to be around her."

Matt first briefly met Kate - who has a seven-year-old son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson - in 2007 but they only started dating when they ran into each other at the Coachella music festival last year, where the rocker offered to help the actress find her friends, who she had been separated from.

In an interview with Q magazine, he recalled: "We bumped into each other and we remembered each other and sort of hit it off you know? Pretty instantly, you could say."

Asked if he had invited her back to his tent, he laughed and added: "Oh what did we have there? Little cabins. Caravan type things."