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Matisyahu Youth Album

I must admit that I was taken aback when I first heard this, and saw the picture of Matisyahu. This is something that does prove that music is the language of the world and now we have a Jew banging out the tunes. Not ordinary tunes, but Reggae and rap. Yes guys this is the Rapping Rabi in da house!

Not ever hearing of this rapping Rabi I had to do some research on him. 'Youth' is actually the second album to come from Maisyahu, so a word of warning to you all out there. This is not a one off and Maisyahu is ready for the hard work ahead of him in order to climb up to the top.

'Time Of Your Song' is something like across between Sean Paul and Bob Marley, but it even has some beat boxing in it. This whole theme is as bizarre as Chico, but twenty times better! The main difference is Chico is around because of his novelty value where as Maisyahu is around because of his talent. Dispatch The Troops has it all! Rapping mixed with chilled out Maxi Priest style reggae. To the more stubborn tunnel vision people, this will pure madness, but trust me give him ago, especially if you like the likes of Damien Marley. 'Indestructible' however seems all over the place and is a track that does dent the album somewhat.

Not happy with the out right reggae and rapping, Maisyahu gives a bit of an acoustic reggae rendition with 'What I'm Fighting For'. Next is Shalom/Saalam, which to me could have been left off the album, and when there is 13 tracks on this album maybe it should have been dropped totally. Then I look at my can of Red Stripe and ask myself if I should have just this one, I mean next with 'Late Night In Zion' that has a glimmer of Wycliffe in his vocals, do I put the can down and get a coffee? Not a chance, lets crack another one open, the rest of this might make sense.

OK so he is not as well known as dance hall hero Sean Paul, but with the right direction he can certainly be a big hit. I am very sure that Maisyahu can do the same. An unbelievable review hey, can't be true, surely not all this from one album. Well yes it is.

Mark Moore

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