Sadly for us all, the nation’s favorite reality show, The Great British Bake Off, has come to a close. The ovens have cooled. The winner has been announced. And for once, it wasn’t with garish strobe lights and a confetti shower, but in the quaint tent, out in a field, as per Bake Off’s signature style.

Great British Bake Off, Judges And Hosts
Hopefully next season's move won't bring about any cast changes to upset the balance.

The three remaining contestants Ruby Tandoh, Frances Quinn and Kimberley Wilson were asked to whip up – well, more like patiently labour over – a wedding cake. Quinn wowed judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed creation, which won her the crown in the end, despite Quinn not being a favorite to begin with. But that was all four months ago – unlike other reality formats, Bake Off wasn’t filmed live. Even now, months after the event, Frances is still thrilled and in disbelief.

“I keep asking myself, 'Did that really happen?’” she says, in an interview with the Telegraph. “When I heard Sue [Perkins, who presents the show with Mel Giedroyc] say my name, it was magic. I don’t think I cried, because I’d gone so numb.”

After reliving the tense finale when it aired last Tuesday, Quin can now rest easy in the knowledge that her bakind did indeed take the cake. Punny conclusions aside, however, this finale also marks another occasion – the final episode of Bake Off to air on BBC2. From next season, the amateur baking competition will move to BBC1, hopefully without too many changes to the format. After all, it was the delightful country baking competition style that won Bake Off its ratings in the first place.

Great British Bake Off, Full Lineup
Thirteen bakers went in, but only one could be the real winner.