Review of I Hate My Job Single by Marvin

Marvin The Martian
I Hate My Job
Single Review

Marvin I Hate My Job Single

Here we go…a song called ‘I Hate My Job’ by a bloke who consciously decided to call himself Marvin the Martian…hmmm, this should be good.

The track opens with sorry guitar stabs that even The Streets would turn down, and a beat that you could better on a children’s toy instrument. In comes the vocals…Now call me picky, but is anyone else sick of hearing the same cockney rasp on British hip-hop? Well if your not, you should be. Marvin comes across like a 3rd rate Jamie T, and that’s saying something. Ready for the chorus? ‘Cause I thought I was but; “I hate dis flippin’ job/I hate my bloody job/I hate this stupid job/gotta pay the bills man…” Well given that he’s got a single out, I presume that making music is his job…and, well, I hate that he’s got that job, when there are talented people out there who aren’t getting as far as this guy. Redeeming features?? The ‘stop’ button on my CD player…thank the lord, its over. Okay, the B-side ‘Music Man’. It’s hard to say if this is actually a good tune, or if it just wins by default, if anything this should’ve been the single…sigh.

In a nutshell; “I hate dis flippin’ song/I hate this bloody song/I hate this stupid song/gotta turn it off man…”

-Thom Holmes

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