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Howard Admits He's Difficult

10th August 2005

Actor TERENCE HOWARD has confessed he can be difficult on movie sets, because he's a perfectionist. The 36-year-old admits to throwing tantrums during the filming of new movie HUSTLE + FLOW when he felt...

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Brando's Corleone Tops Greatest Movie Character List

8th August 2005

MARLON BRANDO's turn as VITO CORLEONE in FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA's classic THE GODFATHER has been named the greatest movie character of all time. Brando, who won an Oscar for his performance as the mafia...

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Brando's Voice 'Unusable' In Video Game

27th July 2005

Late screen icon MARLON BRANDO's voiceover has reportedly been dropped from a video game based on THE GODFATHER movie, because his ill health made it unusable. Brando won an Oscar for his portrayal of...

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Brando Estate Fights To Shut Down Chicken Website

8th July 2005

Attorneys representing MARLON BRANDO's estate are trying to shut down a website dedicated to the late actor's beloved chickens. Brando's longtime pal JO AN CORRALES (corr) runs the site from her home in...

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Brando's Ex Slams Estate For Auctioning Off Mementos

8th July 2005

MARLON BRANDO's ex-wife ANNA KASHFI has blasted the late movie icon's estate for not consulting her and son CHRISTIAN before selling off THE GODFATHER star's possessions at an auction last week (ends01JUL05). Kashfi insists...

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Brando Snubbed Monroe

6th July 2005

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO lured his fellow sex symbol MARILYN MONROE back to his hotel, only to snub her as blondes weren't his type. The ON THE WATERFRONT star, who died last year (04),...

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Brando Brought Laughter Back Into Kennedy's Life

6th July 2005

Screen legend MARLON BRANDO was the first person to make JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS laugh after the tragic assassination of her first husband - former US President JOHN F KENNEDY - in 1963. The late...

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Brando's Godfather Script Fetches A Staggering $312,800

1st July 2005

Late movie legend MARLON BRANDO's personal script from the 1972 movie THE GODFATHER fetched a staggering $312,800 (GBP175,418) at a New York auction yesterday (30JUN05) - the highest amount ever paid for a film manuscript....

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Brando Son's Fury At Estate Sale

28th June 2005

The eldest son of late actor MARLON BRANDO is furious about the crass manner in which his father's belongings are being prepared for sale by auction on Thursday (30JUN05). CHRISTIAN BRANDO is demanding he...

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Diesel Praises Brando Classic

24th June 2005

Hollywood actor VIN DIESEL may be fond of starring in high-octane action movies and family comedies, but his favourite movie is the classic MARLON BRANDO-starring ON THE WATERFRONT. The XXX star hails the dramatic...

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Classic Gone With The Wind Line Tops Movie Quotes Poll

22nd June 2005

RHETT BUTLER's GONE WITH THE WIND line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" has topped an in depth new poll to find America's best-loved movie quote. The words, uttered by CLARK GABLE...

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Brando Lover Speaks Out

22nd June 2005

MARLON BRANDO's former lover ESTHER ANDERSON has spoken about her seven year love affair with the late star for the first time. The Jamaican-born actress and songwriter, who romanced the APOCALYPSE NOW star between...

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Mystery Surrounds Brando's Speedy Death

14th June 2005

MARLON BRANDO's closest friends are convinced the movie icon would be alive today if he'd had the proper medical care a year ago. Brando died in July 2004 of pulmonary fibrosis, but pals feel...

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Brando's Death List Exposed By Playboy

13th June 2005

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO insisted his bedroom be sealed and his staff be sent home upon his death - because he feared mementoes and gifts and documents he had left for family members would be...

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Byrne's Brando Regrets

8th June 2005

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE always regrets he didn't spend more time getting to know MARLON BRANDO, especially after learning the late movie legend spoke often about their meeting. On Australian TV show ENOUGH ROPE...

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Marilyn's Romantic Jfk Painting Valued At $21,000

3rd June 2005

Screen beauty MARILYN MONROE's romantic painting to former US President JOHN F KENNEDY is expected to fetch a staggering $21,000(GBP11,000) at New York auction house Christie's sale later this month (30JUN05). The SOME LIKE...

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Mcgregor: 'I'm Not Brando'

2nd June 2005

Hollywood star EWAN McGREGOR is determined not to be compared to late movie legend MARLON BRANDO while performing in the latest London production of the classic musical GUYS AND DOLLS. The Scottish star plays...

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Brando's Monroe Telegram Discovered

31st May 2005

An affectionate telegram from late movie legend MARLON BRANDO to MARILYN MONROE during her nervous breakdown in 1961 was discovered last week (begs23MAY05) during the break-up of Brando's estate. Following his death last year...

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Brando's Belongings Go Under The Hammer After Nicholson Sale

16th May 2005

LATEST: MARLON BRANDO's personal belongings from his Beverly Hills home are to be sold off at auction after neighbour and pal JACK NICHOLSON bought the hilltop mansion. Brando's furniture and personal mementos will be...

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Nicholson Buys Brando's Home

15th May 2005

Screen star JACK NICHOLSON has bought fellow legend MARLON BRANDO's old residence in Beverly Hills for the staggering sum of $5.5 million (GBP3 million). Nicholson was best friends with Brando, who starred opposite him...

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Apocalypse Now Inspiration Dies

10th May 2005

The inspiration for crazed APOCALYPSE NOW character COLONEL KURTZ has died at the age of 74. Vietnam War veteran DAVID HACKWORTH - who was brought to the big screen by MARLON BRANDO in FRANCIS...

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Brando Auction Is Biggest Celebrity Sale In Six Years

29th April 2005

Late movie legend MARLON BRANDO's personal effects will be sold at New York auction house Christie's on 30 June (05) in the most high-profile sale since MARILYN MONROE's estate was auctioned in 1999. Organisers...

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Freeman: 'I'll Never Be Brando'

25th April 2005

British actor MARTIN FREEMAN was desperate to become the next MARLON BRANDO when he was younger - but his aims have become far more humble even after his breakthrough role in UK TV series THE...

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Jackman Flies In For Secret Superman Filming?

22nd April 2005

HUGH JACKMAN is in his native Australia secretly shooting scenes for pal BRYAN SINGER's upcoming SUPERMAN movie. Website IESB.NET reports Jackman will play CLARK KENT's adoptive father JONATHAN KENT in flashback scenes in the...

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Malden Picks Up Cowboy + Western Honours

19th April 2005

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE star KARL MALDEN has been inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers. The OSCAR-winning actor, 93, received the honour on Saturday night (16APR05) at the Western Heritage Awards, held...

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Coppola Upset About Godfather Videogame

14th April 2005

Director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is furious with the makers of a new THE GODFATHER videogame because they didn't consult him for permission to tamper with his epic film. KOCH, the makers of videogame THE...

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Brando 'Boasted About Sexually Abusing Children'

6th April 2005

LATEST: MARLON BRANDO's former business manager has accused the late Hollywood legend of boasting about his experiences sexually abusing children. The allegations against THE GODFATHER star, who died last year (04), appear in a...

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Brando's Estate Sued By Former Business Manager

6th April 2005

MARLON BRANDO's former business manager is suing the late actor's estate for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. In a lawsuit file don Monday (04APR05), JO AN CORRALES of Kalama, Washington, claims that she...

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Brando Granted Jackson Island Sanctuary

5th April 2005

Late film legend MARLON BRANDO offered troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON sanctuary on his Pacific Island before his death last year (JUL04). American newspaper NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has obtained a notarised deed, dated 5...

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Beverly Hillbillies Creator Dies

27th March 2005

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES creator PAUL HENNING has died at the age of 93. Henning, who was the man behind the hit 1960s US TV show about a family who move to Beverly Hills after...

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