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Frank Oz's Tense Remake

2nd October 2003

Filming on NICOLE KIDMAN's new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES has descended into chaos after a number of violent rows between the cast and crew. Director FRANK OZ has confessed tensions are high on the...

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The Godfather Is The Greatest

17th September 2003

Classic gangster movie THE GODFATHER has topped yet another poll to find the best film ever. Readers of men's magazine ESQUIRE voted the MARLON BRANDO cult favourite the Best Film in the magazine's current...

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Brando's Son Moves Into Homeless Shelter

8th September 2003

MARLON BRANDO's troubled son CHRISTIAN has checked into a homeless shelter in Longview, Washington, because he fears for his safety after being linked to the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY. Actor ROBERT BLAKE's defence...

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Madonna Scene Voted Most Unsexy Ever

2nd September 2003

The sight of MADONNA pouring hot candle wax over her lover WILLEM DAFOE in BODY OF EVIDENCE has been named the most unsexy scene of all time. Movie experts at British magazine EMPIRE place...

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Courtney Love's Mum: Brando Is Not Her Grandfather

25th August 2003

LATEST: COURTNEY LOVE's mother has denied reports that the rock star is MARLON BRANDO's granddaughter. British newspaper THE DAILY EXPRESS had broken the story earlier this month (13AUG03) - claiming that HOLE singer Love's...

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Marlon Brando Loves Michael Winner

18th August 2003

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO has worked alongside some of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived - but says his favourite was Briton MICHAEL WINNER. The GODFATHER star has worked with legendary directors including FRANCIS...

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Marlon Brando Is Courtney Love's Grandfather

13th August 2003

Veteran actor MARLON BRANDO has been revealed as the unexpected grandfather of wild rocker COURTNEY LOVE in a new book. The DOLL PARTS singer's mother, psychologist LINDA CARROLL, claims she has taken DNA tests...

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Blake Witness Faces Agonising Wait And Death Threats

11th July 2003

LATEST: The woman who has given actor ROBERT BLAKE a sight of permanent freedom is now fearing for her life - after being told she'll have to testify for his defence in February (04)....

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Mcgregor Leads The Way At Film Festival

10th July 2003

EWAN McGREGOR's upcoming film YOUNG ADAM has been picked to launch a major movie event in his native Scotland next month (AUG03). The steamy movie - about a young man working on a barge,...

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Brando Witness Comes Forward In Murder Case

9th July 2003

LATEST: A witness who claims she heard MARLON BRANDO's son tell two stuntmen that the wife of actor ROBERT BLAKE should be shot could be questioned in court. DIANE MATTSON says she heard CHRISTIAN...

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Hard-up Brando Asks For Financial Help

26th June 2003

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO has filed papers in Los Angeles urging court officials to rethink payments he must make to ex-mistress MARIA CHRISTINA RUIZ - because he can't afford them. The reclusive star insists...

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Ewan Mcgregor Pleases Censors

19th June 2003

Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR's steamy new movie YOUNG ADAM has been granted a cinema certificate by censors - despite its raunchy love scenes. The Hollywood hunk's latest film, directed by DAVID MACKENZIE, contains scenes...

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Brando Case Settled

17th April 2003

Screen icon MARLON BRANDO has settled two lawsuits with former girlfriend MARIA CHRISTINA RUIZ over child support issues. The ON THE WATERFRONT star had been hit with a suit for $100 million (GBP66 million)...

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No Diesel Deal For Guys And Dolls

16th April 2003

Actor VIN DIESEL is being advised to hold off sharpening his vocal chords for a role in movie musical GUYS AND DOLLS - because producers haven't given him a deal yet. The XXX star...

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Brando Is Broke

28th March 2003

Legendary actor MARLON BRANDO claims he has no money. The large star's ex-lover and one-time maid MARIA "CHRISTINA" RUIZ is suing the star for $100 million (GBP65 million) for breach of contract but Brando...

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Brando Fights For His Life

21st March 2003

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO is fighting for his life after suffering congestive heart failure. The GODFATHER actor has been in poor health for the last few weeks and reports suggest he may not recover....

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