When 13.12.2012

'That Girl' star Marlo Thomas talks about her 'Thanks and Giving' campaign for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital of which she is the National Outreach Director. She discusses how there is a variety of different business partners (such as Kmart, CVS, Target, Domino's and AOL) and celebrities (Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Michael Strahan and Sofia Vergara) helping out with the project and how far they have come so far.

She explains that celebrity public service announcements are particularly important to their campaign. 'I had a mother come up and tell me that Jennifer Aniston saved her daughter's life', she said. 'The disease that Jennifer was talking about. was the same disease and the same symptoms the mother recognised and then demanded the doctor give her daughter an MRI and in fact she did have that brain tumour.' Marlo also mentions the effect the research has had and how it's 'exciting' to make breakthroughs. 'We discovered just this year that medulloblastoma, the most common form of brain tumours in children, is not one tumour, it's four tumours!' She revealed. She also explains how the campaign is necessary in raising money to continue the research.


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