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Angel, Marlene Dietrich and Maria Barker - Angel - Marlene Dietrich as Maria Barker Wednesday 17th October 2012 Hollywood Costume - press view held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Angel, Marlene Dietrich and Maria Barker

Touch Of Evil Review

God, I love Charlton Heston movies. He can always be relied on to give an, er, square-jawed performance. He's appropriately square-jawed here, with a pencil-thin moustache and a swaggering demeanor. Yes, sir. You want to make a compulsively watchable movie, you throw old Chuck a bone and cast him in the lead role.

On top of that, Touch of Evil makes him a Mexican! I love it! Charlton Heston plays a Mexican detective!

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Stage Fright Review

Alfred Hitchcock might have had a fair-to-good thriller here with Stage Fright had he not blown it with cheap plotting that has made the film one of his most reviled among Hitchcock enthusiasts and historians.

The problem relates to the flashback, a device Hitchcock frequently used to good effect. But here, Hitch deceives us from the get-go with a big (and bold) lie. To explain further would ruin the film more than it already is.

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Judgment At Nuremberg Review

In the grand tradition of courtroom dramas, Judgment at Nuremberg has the distinction of being probably the most "important" of them all -- even if it's not the most blatantly entertaining.

The three-hour film concerns the trial of four Nazi-era German judges accused of killing millions as part of the regime. The trial circumstances are tricky: The four accused didn't pull any triggers, nor were they in the upper echelons of power. They were middlemen, just signing off on the whims of Hitler. How guilty are they of murder? And so it is that American Judge Dan Hawood is flown in to lead a tribunal to determine their fate.

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The Blue Angel Review

Exceptionally high drama for its day, this tragic, tragic tale can tend to drag, but it's one of the best examples of well-realized filmmaking from the first half of the 20th century. Josef von Sternberg tells the story of a crusty professor (Emil Jannings) who discovers his students are frequenting a nightclub to see one Lola Lola (Marlene Dietrich). Determined to stop them, he goes to The Blue Angel himself, only to find himself instantly smitten with Lola. Ultimately he quits his job, marries Lola, and lives off his money until they go broke. He ends up becoming a clown, facing his most humiliating moment when he returns to The Blue Angel to appear on the stage. Heartbreaking to a fault, Jannings owns the show over the more highly-touted Dietrich; you can almost see the sadness oozing from his pores.

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Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich Quick Links

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Stage Fright Movie Review

Stage Fright Movie Review

Alfred Hitchcock might have had a fair-to-good thriller here with Stage Fright had he not...

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