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Film Premiere Of Point Break

Teresa Palmer , Mark Webber - Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures And Alcon Entertainment's 'Point Break' at TCL Chinese Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 15th December 2015

Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber
Teresa Palmer, Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez and Clemens Schick
Teresa Palmer and Luke Bracey
Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber
Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber
Teresa Palmer

The Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Point Break'

Mark Webber , Teresa Palmer - The Los Angeles premiere of 'Point Break' at the TCL Chinese Theater - Arrivals at TCL Chinese Theatre - Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 15th December 2015

Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer
Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer

Mark Webber At BBC Radio 2

Mark Webber - Mark Webber at BBC Radio 2 - London, United Kingdom - Friday 11th September 2015

Mark Webber
Mark Webber
Mark Webber

Mark Webber At The BBC Breakfast Studios

Mark Webber - Mark Webber at the BBC Breakfast studios to promote his book 'Aussie Grit: My Formula One Journey' at BBC Breakfast - Manchester, United Kingdom - Monday 7th September 2015

Mark Webber
Mark Webber
Mark Webber
Mark Webber

2015 CinemaCon

Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer - Shots of a host of stars as they arrived for the 2015 CinemaCon which was held at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer

The Journey To Le Mans Trailer

The 24 Hours of Le Mans remains the oldest and most intense contest in endurance racing. For 24 hours, racers battle their inner demons and other drivers in order to get a shot at racing history. To drive flat-out for a whole day whilst competing against other people is tough, and for one independent racing team, things are even tougher. They stand alone, ready to make a name for themselves, and wanting desperately to win the respect they know they deserve. That team is 'Jota Sport', and they are about to take part in the race at Le Mans. 

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Say When [Laggies] Review


Keira Knightley continues to open up as an actress with this sparky comedy. As in Begin Again and The Imitation Game, she taps into her own lively personality to create a punchy character who's loose, likeable and prickly. And while the film has a warm, engaging tone that's often both honest and funny, it also feels somewhat contrived as it pushes Knightley's character into corner after corner. As with films like Humpday and Your Sister's Sister, director Lynn Shelton takes a spirited idea and ends up playing it oddly safe.

It's set in Seattle, where Megan (Knightley) is in her late-20s, horrified to see her close circle of friends settling down into predictable lives involving marriage and children. So when her longtime boyfriend Anthony (Mark Webber) proposes, just as she discovers that her dad (Jeff Garlin) has cheated on her mom, Megan makes a run for it. At a convenience shop, a group of teens asks her to buy some alcohol, and suddenly she has a new best friend in Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz). As they bond, Annika invites Megan to stay at her house. So Megan invents a story about attending a self-help conference and lays low, hanging out with her new teen gang like it's the good old days. But Annika's single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell) begins to challenge Megan to realise that perhaps there are benefits to growing up.

Yes, it's obvious from the moment Megan and Craig start bickering where this is headed. And these predictable plot turns feed into the standard rom-com structure of the screenplay, right up to climactic scenes at both an airport and the prom. There isn't a single surprise along the way, but Knightley's breezy performance is more than enough to carry the audience with her on this odyssey. Effortlessly charming even when she's being a jerk, she develops a wonderful improv-like chemistry with both Moretz and Rockwell, while the bit players add plenty of texture to each episodic sequence.

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Laggies Trailer

Megan (Keira Knightley) is 28-years-old and she still hasn't got any sort of long term plan for her future. She earns a living as a sign flipper at her dad's business and is still dating her boyfriend Anthony (Mark Webber) from high school. After attending a school reunion, the realisation that her life appears to be at a standstill grows in intensity when he tries to propose marriage. After escaping the party, she bumps into Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz); a 16-year-old girl trying to find someone whose willing to buy them alcohol. She decides to stick around with her and moves in with her for a week to clear her head after lying to her boyfriend about business trip. Annika's father Craig (Sam Rockwell) makes his reservations about a woman in her late twenties hanging out with his teenage daughter known, but soon warms to her as a spark ignites between them.

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Jessabelle Trailer

Jessabelle is still feeling the horror after a being involved in a car accident which killed her boyfriend and left her unable to use her legs. She travels to the home she grew up in in Louisiana to be with her father and discovers a package there apparently left by her deceased mother. Inside are some video tapes which feature her mother giving her a tarot reading where she explains that Jessabelle is not alone in the house. It isn't long before Jess starts to understand what she means as she begins to feel stalked by a malevolent spirit. She finds a gravestone in the woods with her name and birth date on it and starts to have a number of near death experiences. On telling her father about the tapes, he insists that the thing on them wasn't her mother. So who, or what, exactly is it?

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13 Sins Review


Even if the premise is tired, this grim thriller holds the attention by focussing on the raw intensity of the characters' personal lives. It's also grisly enough to work as a bone-dry black comedy about a hapless guy who will do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. But just a little more complexity in the story and characters would have helped a lot.

The film opens as nice guy Elliot (Mark Webber) is sacked from his New Orleans job at exactly the wrong time. Not only is he planning his wedding with his pregnant fiancee Shelby (Rutina Wesley), but he also helps support his retirement-age dad (Tom Bower) and mentally disabled brother (Graye). So when a stranger phones to offer him a place in a cash-bonanza game, he doesn't mind that the 13 tasks are increasingly deranged. It starts with killing a fly, but soon escalates to making a child cry, starting a fire in a church and desecrating a dead body. But if he wins, his worries will be over. Then he realises that he's not the only contestant.

Without a hint of subtlety in the script, we never have any questions about what is happening, what the moral implications are and where the story's going next. So there's no way to join in with Elliot's disorienting dilemma. Instead, there's nothing to do but sit back and watch. In another actor's hands, Elliot might have come across as an idiot who deserves whatever's coming, but Webber has a vulnerability that makes us care what happens, even as he does one stupid thing after another. His family seem eerily oblivious, but Ron Perlman adds some deadpan humour as a detective following Elliot's trail. And Pruitt Taylor Vince is on hand as his usual bug-eyed, shifty nerd who knows more than anyone else.

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With A Baby On The Way, Teresa Palmer Weds Mark Webber In Beachfront Ceremony

Teresa Palmer Mark Webber

Congratulations to Warm Bodies actress Teresa Palmer, who just tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Mark Webber. According to Us Weekly, who were first to break the happy news, the couple got hitched in Mexico on Saturday, December 21, ahead of the birth of their first child.

Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber
The couple got married ahead of the birth of their baby.

It sounds like the perfect intimate wedding, with the pair saying “I do” at a private house in Punta Mita, overlooking the ocean. The bride was wearing an appropriately airy white lace dress with plenty of room for her baby bump. In the ultimate moment of cuteness, the pair exchanged vows under a an altar decorated with greenery and white and pink flowers. They reportedly held hands the entire time. The now married couple announced their engagement back in August, just two weeks before dropping the baby news. This will be the 27-year-old actress’ first child, while Webber, 33, has a young son, Issac Love, with actress Frankie Shaw.

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For A Good Time, Call... Review


Colourful direction and sparky performances help make this friendship comedy watchable, although it never seems like a finished film. Instead, we feel like we're watching the first rehearsal for a much better movie. It manages to charm us along the way, but it's never as funny or sexy as it tries to be.

When his two best pals have housing problems, gay New York comic Jesse (Long) suggests they move in together. Lauren (Miller) is a business ace who has just lost her job and her boyfriend, while Katie (Graynor) is an aimless young woman working a series of jobs that don't pay enough for her to pay the bills on her late grandmother's gorgeous flat. The problem is that they hate each other due to a minor incident 10 years earlier and resent each other for being dull and oversexed, respectively. Then Lauren realises that Katie could actually make a lot more money if she opened her own phone-sex company. And when the two go into business together, an unlikely friendship is born.

Screenwriters Miller and Naylon based the story on their own life (Miller even plays herself), so there are constant details that add honesty and humour along the way. On the other hand, they have also forced the plot into the usual rom-com story structure, so we know exactly where it's going from the start. But what's even stranger is the way they pack scenes with riotously graphic sex talk without letting the characters actually have any riotous sex. The movie's only two bed scenes are bizarrely dull, and badly undermine both the randy atmosphere and any point the movie might be making about sexuality.

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The Lie Trailer

Lonnie's life is boring. His marriage to free spirit Clover has suddenly become dull and isn't half as exciting as it was in the early days of their relationship. Their lives revolve around their gorgeous baby daughter, Xana, who Lonnie loves to pieces.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Review

So uber-hip that young audiences will adore it, this hyperactive film can't decide whether it's a comic book or a videogame. Sure, it's visually whizzy and often very funny, but filmmaker Wright loses the story in the scuffle.

In Toronto, Scott (Cera) is a 22-year-old geek in a rock band. His bandmates (Webber, Pill and Simmons), sister (Kendrick) and flatmate (Culkin) tease him for dating a teenager (Wong), but she's the band's biggest fan. Then he meets Ramona (Winstead), who is literally his dream girl, and to win her hand he has to defeat her seven evil exes in outlandish battles. These include an action movie star (Evans) and a top music promoter (Schwartzman). And one (Routh) is member of a band fronted by Scott's own evil ex (Larson).

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Shrink Review

Blackly funny but never as vicious as it clearly wants to be, this rather nihilistic look at modern society keeps us hooked with desperate and lost characters who all have a whiff of soulful humanity.

Henry Carter (Spacey) is a celebrity psychiatrist unable to rebound after a terrible personal tragedy. Anaesthetising himself with alcohol and drugs, he wonders if the fact that he can't help himself indicates that he's useless to his patients too. He's also annoyed that his family keeps trying to help him, from an intervention to a pro bono assignment to treat a troubled teen (Palmer), who has had a similar experience. The fact is that he just has patients, not friends, and the only person he can talk to is his dealer (Plemons).

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