Movie star Mark Wahlberg learned to accept gay people after discovering his late uncle was a closet homosexual. THE PERFECT STORM star grew up on the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts, where gay issues weren't discussed and homosexuals kept their private lives a well-kept secret. But Wahlberg, who served time for beating up an Asian man, admits considering his uncle's life reminds him to accept everyone. He says, "My uncle was gay and he was a teamster and a truck driver and he was a guy's guy, but he kept this secret his whole life. "Imagine how hard that must have been for him. I feel so bad. "Every time my dad brings it up, he cries because he loves his brother more than anything. He doesn't care what it was. He was born that way. "Acceptance is the key. The only way you're gonna succeed in life and really grow as a human being is through acceptance."