Mark Wahlberg's brother Robert turned down the chance to star in the Hollywood actor's upcoming crime thriller Broken City because the role wasn't "big enough".
The Departed star helped his older brother score a part in new crime drama Contraband after Robert complained about his struggle to land work.
But when Mark offered Robert the opportunity to join himself, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Broken City, he rejected the job.
Mark tells WENN, "My brother Bob plays John Bryce in Contraband. There's a new movie that I'm doing now, Broken City. We offered my brother Bob a part in the movie but he passed. I was kinda p**sed but he said it's not big enough. I said, 'OK, here we go. You went from saying I'm not doing anything to helping you and looking out for you enough to the parts aren't big enough!'"
However, the Oscar nominee, a father of four, has since realised there's another reason behind his sibling's decision - Robert didn't want to leave his family behind in his native Boston, Massachusetts.
Mark says, "He's a wonderful actor but he's got a wife and children that (sic) he loves and his wife gave a crack at being (tried living) in California and she didn't like it and wants to be home in Boston. He wants to do the right thing by his family and I really admire that. He only gets to shoot things that are shot locally. I thought, 'Are you serous? We'll fly you down there and we'll get to hang out a couple of days...'"
But Mark is still determined to help his brother land bigger roles in Hollywood, adding: "We'll get him on the next one."