Mark Wahlberg has offered his support to incarcerated singer George Michael - he's praying for the troubled star during his eight-week prison stint.
The former Wham! singer was jailed on Tuesday (14Sep10) after he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and driving under the influence of drugs.
Now Wahlberg, who was sentenced to two years in prison as a teenager for assault, has reached out to Michael - because he doesn't envy anyone who spends time in jail.
He says, "I was 16 when I went to prison but he's been busted a couple of times. He should get a driver or go to Amsterdam where pot is legal. But my heart goes out (to) anyone who goes to prison. I pray for him."
Michael's sentence stems from his arrest in July (10) after he crashed into a shopfront near his home in Hampstead, north London. The star admitted smoking dope before climbing behind the wheel.
As well as the jail time, Michael was fined $1,875 (£1,250) with $150 (£100) in court costs, and banned from the roads for five years.