An online petition has been created urging Massachusetts justice officials to deny Mark Wahlberg's request for a pardon for his 1988 assault conviction.

The Transformers: Age of Extinction star spent 45 days in jail for attacking two Vietnamese men in his hometown of Dorchester, Massachussetts in separate incidents at the age of 16.

Wahlberg has filed a petition with the Board of Pardons asking for his felony charges to be removed from his record because he is convinced he is "not the same person" anymore.

Members of Asian-American community 18Mr, short for 18 Million Rising, have now created an online petition opposing the pardon and accusing the actor of seeking a clean slate simply for business purposes.

On the website, the group writes, "We demand that the Massachusetts State Parole Board and Governor Patrick deny Mark Wahlberg a pardon for his hate crimes. Not only is granting a pardon an affront to justice, but even asking for one completely disrespects Wahlberg's victims."

The petition had attracted more than 8,000 signatures as Wenn went to press.