Mark Wahlberg had to ditch his plans to hit the ski slopes this festive season after his wife demanded they jet off to the Caribbean to get away from the winter weather.

The Fighter star wanted to treat his family to a post-Christmas getaway, but his hopes for an adventure-filled vacation were dashed after former model Rhea Durham rejected the idea, and insisted on a sunny break in Barbados.

He explains, "We're gonna spend Christmas at home in our new house and then we're going to Barbados for a vacation.

"I was thinking about going somewhere cold (for) the snow, and the kids (can) sled, snowboard, and my wife said that would be the end of our marriage. She's from Florida; she likes the warm weather. I'll take her wherever she wants to go."

Durham also rejected her husbands plans to make the holidays more spiritual: "She loves, loves, loves the holidays. I've been trying to push the religious aspect of it a little more, like no gifts, just go to church... I'm not suggesting anything anymore!"