Mark Wahlberg's wife has blasted Justin Bieber's new Calvin Klein campaign.

Rhea Durham, who has been married to the 'Lone Survivor' star since 2009, thinks his iconic ads for the underwear brand in the '90s were ''the best'' and believes the 20-year-old singer had his penis retouched to appear larger.

She wrote on Twitter: ''My baby was the 1st and the best and not to the retouching.

''Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein ads - google search that's the real....ain't gonna lie. Just gonna say this...did you ever hear the song #aintnuthingliketherealthingbaby (sic).''

The former model, 36, insisted didn't mean to insult the 'Baby' hitmaker after his fans hit back at her comments.

She tweeted: ''No hate. Just saying the original was the best that's all. I have no ill will against anyone! I'm just super biased for my hubby that's all, Mark loves Justin. It's all good! xo Hey! Guess what??? I love Justin! My husband loves Justin! My daughter loves Justin!! And Harry [Styles] (but that's another story) it's a love fest (sic).''

Justin previously admitted he hoped Mark, 43, approved of his promotional shots.

He said: ''I hope he reacts positively to my ads.

''Modelling for Calvin Klein was always my dream.''