Mark Wahlberg has been joking that sharing a screen with a teddy bear has been easier than doing so with other actors, the star referring to his role in new film 'Ted', Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane's latest project.
"It's easier than working with another actor. Actors are a pain in the a**. With a teddy bear, there are no ego problems and you only need one take", Wahlberg laughed to The Press Association. The character 'Ted' is actually voiced by MacFarlane himself, and Wahlberg commented that actually doing so had "took some getting used to".
"They'd have a little stick there with a couple of dots on it for the eyes and I'd just have to visualise that the bear was there," the 41-year-old elaborated. Such is the nature of acting alongside computerized animation, Wahlberg also admitted that there'd been some rather embarrassing moments, including when he had to fight Ted in a scene. He said: "I didn't actually fight the bear so it was just me flailing around. That one I felt pretty damn ridiculous doing, I'll be honest with you. I was just fake-fighting myself. It wasn't fun. But people love the scene." The film also stars Giovanni Ribisi and another 'Family Guy' star, Mila Kunis. It hit cinemas in the U.S. on Friday (June 29, 2012).