Mark Wahlberg spent more money on trainers for his new movie than he was paid.

The actor plays Irish/American boxer Micky Ward - who went on to win a welterweight world championship - in sports drama 'The Fighter' and said he was so determined to make the sparring believable that he spent $500,000 more than he earned.

He told Sports Illustrated: "There are many, many boxing movies, and I love most of them. But I knew that the thing that would set us apart was if the fights looked more real, and I looked more like a boxer than anyone else who's done it in the past.

"I spent more money paying my trainers and having them travel with me than I got paid, by a good half a million dollars."

Mark - who co-stars with Christian Bale in the movie - revealed he was thrilled to receive a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination for his role in 'The Fighter' yesterday (14.12.10).

He told USA Today: "I'm just so excited. We just wanted to make this movie, we didn't think anyone would see it, never mind have all this stuff happen. For everyone to be recognized for their hard work and commitment to portraying these people, who I've become close to, it's thrilling."