Actor Donnie Wahlberg is tying the knot with fiancee Jenny McCarthy, but his little brother, A-List actor Mark Wahlberg won't be in attendance.

Donnie and JennyDonnie and Jenny have been together since April last year

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The NY Daily News reports that there are rumours that the Transformers: Age of Extinction star won't be attending because he doesn't like McCarthy, best known for presenting 'The View' in 2013 and writing several books about parenting and health. However, a representative for Wahlberg has said that the reason he can't attend is that it is his daughter Ella Rae's birthday the same day. If this is true, it's a bit of poor planning on Donnie's part to plan his wedding for a day his little brother couldn't attend!

Donnie and Jenny have been dating since July 2013 and Jenny announced their engagement on The View in April of this year. Donnie is best known for his appearences in the Saw films, as well as being a member of nineties boyband New Kids on the Block alongside brother Mark. McCarthy is a controversial figure due to her outspoken views that vaccinating children can lead to autism. She is also known for being the cousin of actress Melissa McCarthy, star of Bridesmaids and The Heat.

This isn't the only celebrity wedding snub to make headlines though. Remember when Rob Kardashian didn't attend Kimye's Parisian wedding extravaganza earlier this year? Similarly, Jon Voight wasn't present for his daughter Angelina Jolie's nuptuals with Brad Pitt last weekend, but it looks like he didn't get an invite at all rather than just not making it to the ceremony.

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