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Mark Wahlberg,i am a fan of yours,but you need to be at your brother's wedding ,no matter what!!!Don't make the same mistake my family did.that's all!

Posted 12 months 4 days ago by Blonetha Calvo

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I was very inspired by Mark Wahlbergs expectations of returning back to school. I have a son that 17 years old and has had a hard time with school. He is 17 and has been in the 9th grade for 3 years. The school system will not help him any longer and will not release him to get his ged or hs diploma. He sits in the house all the time. In NC no high school diploma no license, so he cant even find a job. I do not wont him to get into trouble or drugs. I hope Mark Wahlberg will start a foundation for children that is passed around the school system, It is not easy trying to fight for your sons life with little or no help. Thank you Mark Wahlberg for inspiring me and my son.

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by Inspired

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