Will Montgomery has just been released from jail after an eight year sentence for participating in a bank robbery of $10 million that left him duped and ultimately trapped. He left behind his young daughter, Alison Loeb, who is now 14-years-old and has mixed feelings about her father returning and trying to bond with her. His attempt at leading an ordinary and straight life out of incarceration is disrupted when his former partner in crime, Vincent, kidnaps Alison and locks in the back of a soundproof taxi cab on Mardi Gras day so she's not likely to be noticed. Vincent, angered that he never received his share of the bank robbery loot and believing that it was hidden before Will went to prison, demands the $10 million as ransom with the threat of harm coming to Alison. Will is given 24 hours to hand over the cash, however in spite of what Vincent and FBI agent Tim Harlend believe, the money was burned and he no longer has a penny. He is forced to enlist the help of the stunning Riley Jeffers to help him attempt a robbery in order to rescue his daughter.

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