Mark Ruffalo has signed up for six more Marvel films.

The 44-year-old actor - who plays The Hulk/Bruce Banner in the comic book company's latest movie 'Avengers Assemble' - had a ''great time'' working on the star-studded motion picture and his latest experience has ''definitely'' given him the appetite for similar projects.

When asked if he felt confident to make a lot more Marvel movies, he replied; ''Definitely. The experience was great, I really had a great time, it was fun.''

Mark was ''blown away'' when he saw 'Avengers Assemble' for the first time, and he was ''so impressed'' at how much director Joss Whedon has managed to fit into the two-hour 20 minute motion picture.

He added to ''When we got The Script I thought it was great and then we kept getting re-writes and each one just got infinitely better. It's getting tighter and better, but it's nothing compared to seeing the movie for the first time. I was so impressed and blown away at how much he packs into this movie and how exciting it is and what a great ride it is.

''He originally told us it was impossible, there's no reason these characters should be able to work together.''

Mark recently admitted he would love to appear as The Hulk in a movie dedicated to the green monster.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I would love to do a stand alone film as The Hulk, but that depends on Marvel and the appetite of the fans. But being in this film was a great experience, it felt like I was playing on the all-star team of the NFL.''