Review of Just Featuring Alex Greenwald Single by Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson
Just Featuring Alex Greenwald
Single Review
BBE Records
13th March.

Mark Ronson Just Featuring Alex Greenwald Single

Now call me an old indie fuddy-duddy but some things are so sacred that they should be left untouched. Forever.

Whatever possessed Thom Yorke and co. to agree to this…well, maybe that should be rephrased to how many noughts were on the end of the cheque…but Lizard Lounge style, jazz expeditions into 'The Bends' territory really are wrong, and the perpetrators should be punished accordingly.

It's a shame really, because Mark Ronson's usual output is of a fairly high standard and the boy Greenwald actually has a half-decent voice that wouldn't go amiss duet ting with someone like Corinne Bailey-Rae but he'll probably never be allowed to live this down so it's goodnight from him, and goodnight from me.

Dom Gourlay