A cult book begats a cult movie, as director Mark Moskowitz seeks to hunt down his favorite author, a Salinger-like hermit named Dow Mossman, who wrote one book: The Stones of Summer. His roundabout search takes him to everyone involved with the creation of the book, right down to the guy who took the picture of Mossman for the book jacket. Along the way, he discovers that the process of writing the book drove Mossman insane, among other juicy tidbits. Moskowitz earns points for dedication, but both his filmmaking (wild zooms, ridiculously overlong scenes) and his investigative skills need a little work. Stone Reader is an awfully interesting film -- dwelling largely on the process of writing and how books effect their readers. But when Moskowitz abruptly gets Mossman on the phone (he's living with his mother), you can't help but feel happy for him.