Review of I'm Sick Single by Mark Morriss

Mark Morriss
I'm Sick
Single Review

Mark Morriss I'm Sick Single

Is it really twelve years ago that The Bluetones were on the scene? It seems really bizarre, or that age is starting to catch up on some of us more than others. The good thing now though is that you are able to leave your group and go off onto a solo project without rumours that the group is splitting up.

Like Nicky Wire, James Dean Bradfield and Kelly Jones, lead man of The Bluetones Mark Morris is set to take the radio waves and touring alone. 'I'm Sick' is the new Single to come from him and like others has seemed to of turned the volume down a bit. 'I'm Sick' is a Latin/acoustic style song, which actually complements Mark Morris's vocals superbly.

As for a single, I wouldn't be surprised if he had spoken to Richard Ashcroft about going down the solo line, 'I'm Sick' is not to dissimilar to the way that he went.

Mark Moore

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