Last year, Mark Lanegan released both the EP 'No Bells On Sunday' and the fantastic full length LP 'Phantom Radio'. 'Phantom Radio' especially garnered Lanegan his highest chart placing yet as well as heaps of critical acclaim - indeed, it featured in this writer's best of 2014 list. It was a fantastic album, full of dirty, bluesy desert lullabies as well as some more electronic, explorative pieces. It was Lanegan at his best.

Mark Lanegan - A Thousand Miles of Midnight Album Review

Now Mark Lanegan is one of my favourite artists and I await anything he releases with baited breath, and, it pains me to say it, but a lot of Lanegan's music doesn't exactly lend itself to being remixed. 'A Thousand Miles of Midnight' is just that though - the dreaded remix album. It compiles tracks from both 'Phantom Radio' and 'No Bells On Sunday' and it is unclear quite who it is for; the Lanegan fans, the electronica fans or the vanity of the musicians involved.

It starts off well enough with Mark Stewart's remix of 'Phantom Radio''s closing salvo 'Death Trip to Tulsa'. It makes perfect sense in terms of sequencing - it's like a dusty reprise to the main album and the remix adds an apocalyptic, sinister and minimalistic tone to the original. This is a good remix: it adds something other than stupid digital bleeps and bloops and squelches that share nothing with the original vision of the original piece of music.

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