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DirecTV Saturday Night Party

Mark Cuban - Shots of a host of stars as they attended the DirecTV Saturday Night Super Bowl Party which saw Rihanna and Kanye West perform live and was held at the Super Fan Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, United States - Sunday 1st February 2015

Mark Cuban

Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney Set To Perform 'FourFiveSeconds' At Super Bowl Direct TV Party

Rihanna Kanye West Sir Paul McCartney Kim Kardashian Mark Cuban Michael Strahan Katy Perry

Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney will cement their new musical collaboration by performing at a Super Bowl party on Saturday night (31st January). Rihanna will be performing at the Super Bowl DirecTV party in Glendale, Arizona the night before the big game. Joined by her two new collaborators, Rihanna is likely to perform their track 'FourFiveSeconds' on which McCartney plays acoustic guitar and Rihanna and West provide the vocals.

Rihanna will be performing at the Super Bowl DirecTV Party on Saturday.

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American Music Awards (AMA) 2014

Mark Cuban and daughter Alexis Sofia Cuban - American Music Awards (AMA) 2014 held at Nokia Theatre LA Live - Arrivals at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, American Music Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 23rd November 2014

Mark Cuban and daughter Alexis Sofia Cuban
Mark Cuban

Serena Review


Gorgeously shot, this period drama has a terrific setting and vivid characters, but is edited together in a jarring way that distances the audience from the situations. As the story progresses, the film also shifts strangely from a riveting exploration of a power couple with a pioneering spirit to a more melodramatic thriller about corruption and murder. It's consistently engaging thanks to the power of the cast, but it should have also been darkly moving as well.

The story is set in the late 1920s, as lumber baron George (Bradley Cooper) struggles under the economic pressures of the impending Great Depression. Then he meets Serena (Jennifer Lawrence) and it's love at first sight. A feisty, outspoken woman with a background in logging, she immediately ruffles feathers in George's camp by giving out advice that's actually helpful. George's two righthand men, accountant Buchanan (David Dencik) and foreman Campbell (Sean Harris), both quietly wonder if this woman is going to mess up their all-male world of underhanded bribes and physical danger. But she develops a rapport with George's hunting tracker Galloway (Rhys Ifans). Meanwhile, the local sheriff (Toby Jones) is trying to get George's land declared protected national parkland.

Oscar-winning Danish director Susanne Bier (In a Better World) gives the film a grand scale with expansive mountain landscapes and a sweeping romantic tone. The Western-style bustle of the logging camp is lively and authentic, as is the continual threat of death or dismemberment on the job. Against this, Cooper and Lawrence have terrific chemistry both with each other and the characters around them, sharply portrayed by strong actors who know how to invest plenty of attitude into even a small role.

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2014 Billboard Awards Red Carpet

Mark Cuban - 2014 Billboard Awards Red Carpet at the MGM Grand Resort Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, United States - Sunday 18th May 2014

The 2014 Billboard Awards

Mark Cuban - 2014 Billboard Awards held at the MGM Grand Resort Hotel and Casino - Arrivals - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Sunday 18th May 2014

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Mark Cuban - Celebrities attend 2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. - Las Vegas, California, United States - Sunday 18th May 2014

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

ABC's Superstorm Sandy Fundraising Day Raises $17 Million

Barbara Walters George Stephanopoulos Mark Cuban

While the effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt by Americans on the East coast, with many still without electricity, ABC's Day Of Giving gleaned $17m for the American Red Cross to help those affected by the storm. 

The day didn't quite take the form of a telethon, or a network takeover with special guests, rather pertinent reminders during normal programming, but it still proved a valuable exercise, with a hefty $17m heading towards people that need it the most. It wasn't just your average Joe donating though; network celebrities also got involved in the money giving. Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos donated $50,000 to the relief fund and The View co-host Babara Walters made a $250,000 donation after she said she was moved after answering phones on ABC's Day of Giving, CBS news reports. Other major contributors included Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and star of ABC's "Shark Tank" and the Samsung Corp. In addition, the Walt Disney Co. made a $1 million contribution to local charities, which may seem like a lot, but considering their $4.05 billion purchase of Lucasfilm, it looks more like pocket change. 

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are still affecting America in a place it really matters: their civil liberties. The BBC live coverage of the US Election 2012 has seen people turning out to vote in tents powered by generators with cardboard signs. 

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Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Trailer

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are given one billion dollars to make a movie by the Schlaaang Corporation. Instead, the pair spend nearly all of the money and use what little they have remaining to make a three minute movie, which turns out to be a disappointment.

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Video - Mark Cuban Mocks Reporters For Out-Of-Date Questions

Mark Cuban, the billionaire American entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, spotted leaving Boa's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Cuban joked with reporters and photographers while waiting for his car.

The businessman, who also owns Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theatres, was asked whether he still ran the 'Mark Cuban Stimulus Programme' - a scheme set up to help small businesses. The 52-year-old jokingly replied, "Dude, that was three years ago, you need to work on your questions!", before asking the reporter "Give me that camera, let me interview you!"

The Girlfriend Experience Review

Soderbergh is in experimental mode with this fractured relationship drama. It's packed with clever touches and sharp observations, but is too dry and repetitive to make us care about the characters.

Chelsea (Grey) is a high-priced call girl in New York, quietly going about her job while her boyfriend Chris (Santos) works as a trainer in an upscale gym.

Both are obsessed with growing their businesses, which causes problems in their otherwise warm, relaxed relationship. This quest for money is also omnipresent in their wealthy clients, and everyone is nervous about the economic slump and imminent 2008 US presidential election. And for Chelsea and Chris, things come to a head when Chelsea starts to fall for a client (Levien).

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The Girlfriend Experience Review

As modern American directors go, few are as stylistically quicksilver and urgent as Steven Soderbergh. With the notable exception of his Ocean's trilogy, the director has never fully embraced any one particular style, though he continues to choose subject matter and film vernacular of the most ambitious order. Following his towering four-hour anti-biopic Che, Soderbergh returns now, little less than six months gone, with The Girlfriend Experience, a hyper-indie that casts the dilapidated economy and wavering faith in capitalism through the designer shades of a Manhattan escort.

As plot goes, there isn't very much to speak of. Chelsea (adult film raven Sasha Grey) visits a few johns, hangs out with her personal-trainer boyfriend Chris (Chris Santos), talks to a reporter, and does lunch with a fellow escort. Despite lack of a structure, Soderbergh and screenwriters Brian Koppelman and David Levien do allow for a few salient situations, including a visit with escort critic The Erotic Connoisseur (played by erstwhile Premiere film critic Glenn Kenney) and a botched rendezvous with a client upstate. The focus, however, is on Chelsea herself.

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What Just Happened Review

In Hollywood, hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars can hinge upon a leading man's decision to shave. Just look at Bruce Willis. Not in real life... but in What Just Happened, where Willis appears as himself. In the film, he's been cast in a big movie, but he's put on a few pounds since his last picture, and has decided to grow a shaggy beard.

This doesn't settle well with the studio that's paying $20 million for a man with sex-appeal; they don't want someone who resembles Santa Claus. If Willis doesn't shave and drop some weight, the studio will pull the plug on the movie and sue for damages. But Willis has been growing the beard for six months and wants to make an artistic statement. He's not going to be picking up a can of shaving cream anytime soon.

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Redacted Review

Brian De Palma is some cool customer. His camera can linger longingly on a beautiful woman's torso or a bloody, severed corpse, and in the mechanical gaze of his camera, he can feel no pain. In De Palma's heyday, a De Palma film could induce spirited fistfights and high-flying brickbats among film folks -- was De Palma a brilliant creative genius or a stylish rip off artist? This reviewer was ensconced in the later camp, finding De Palma's mannered depictions of sex and violence and his "homages" to other directors (particularly Hitchcock) particularly cringe inducing. His films were loaded with elegantly staged set pieces duplicating scenes from great films of the past, only devoid of any depth or meaning (take a peek at Obsession), and larded with peek-a-boo sexploitation and exploitative acts of random violence. As the years wore on, De Palma's voyeurism curdled into the diseased sex and violence romps of Femme Fatale and The Black Dahlia. Now with Redacted, shot on HD video with a cast of unknowns, De Palma proves you can't keep a good sadist down. Paring away his stylistic crutches, glorifying in an unmediated roughness, De Palma mines an atrocity committed by American soldiers in Iraq as grist for another hat trick of cynical exploitation.

Based upon the 2006 rape of a 15-year-old girl and the murder of her family by a group of American troops in Mahmoudiya in Iraq, the film bears more than a passing resemblance to Casualties of War, his exploitative examination of a similar incident during the Vietnam War. In fact, it is Casualties of War.

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The Ex Review

Jesse Peretz's stitched-together comedy The Ex casts funny actors and provides funny scenarios but rarely matches talent to task. The movie, penned by David Guion and Michael Handelman, trades a traceable story arc for a series of maniacal sketches that can be crudely amusing -- as when a non-paralyzed man tried to impress his handicapped co-worker by joining him in a wheelchair basketball game -- but lend nothing to the movie as a whole. Thankfully, the film's bouncy pace means missed jokes spring to safety instead of stopping the momentum with a thud.

New parents Tom (Zach Braff) and Sophia (Amanda Peet) are proverbially chewed up by New York City and spit out to Ohio where perennial job hopper Tom takes a position at his father-in-law's ad agency. While Sophia copes with being a stay-at-home mom, Tom finds friendly -- then fierce -- office competition with Chip (Jason Bateman), an account executive and former flame of Sophia's who earns sympathy from the world because he is confined to a wheelchair.

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