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Shaun the Sheep Movie Review

Even without a single word of spoken dialogue, this film has more charm and energy than most Hollywood blockbusters. But then the voice cast supplies all manner of moans, chuckles, grunts and sighs to let us know what the characters are thinking. And it's great to see this beloved TV character, spun-off from one of Aardman Animation's Wallace & Gromit shorts, back on the big screen where he belongs.

It opens on the rural farm where Shaun (vocalised by Justin Fletcher) is getting tired of the daily routine with his flock, their scatterbrained Farmer and sly sheepdog Blitzer (both voiced by John Sparkes). So one morning Shaun gets the idea to take a day off, plotting a sheepish revolution that goes wildly wrong when the Farmer ends up with amnesia wandering the streets of the nearby Big City. So now the sheep and Blitzer need to stage an elaborate rescue, all while staying out of the clutches of tenacious animal control officer Trumper (Omid Djalili). And as the Farmer has his own hair-raising adventure, his animals need to team up with an ugly stray puppy (Tim Hands) to save the day.

It's amazing how much personality each of these characters has, with noises perfectly complimenting the expressive animation. Since it's actually shot with clay and wool models, everything has a hand-made look that makes the film feel like it's set in the real world, rather than some digitally-rendered fantasy. And Shaun is a terrific hero, a hilariously strong-willed sheep who is fiercely loyal to his flock and always has an idea to get them out of the next mess. Each of the film's set-pieces is impeccably staged, packed with witty touches that will keep the adults chuckling at things the kids won't see until they watch it again. And again.

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Shaun The Sheep - Extended Trailer

Shaun the Sheep and the rest of the flock are up to their old tricks again, pulling yet more pranks on their Farmer boss and his sheepdog Bitzer. However, unsurprisingly, one day a trick goes badly wrong the Farmer's caravan winds up sailing down the road towards the Big City. The ovine menaces have to get him back and decide to get a bus to town with the intention of handing out Missing posters. With human disguises, they try and blend into city life, but of course, Shaun and Bitzer - not being the most streetwise of animals - are soon rounded up by an inner city animal control team. With their owner locked up in a rogue caravan, they have to rely on the rest of the flock to save them before it's too late.

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Shaun The Sheep Trailer

The mischievous Shaun the Sheep has moved on from his television roots in his farm field, to a big city on the big screen. When Shaun decides he wants to take a day off to get away from the other sheep he is continuously in charge of, he decides to visit the city. When the flock become engaged in a mix-up involving a caravan, their farmer and a very steep hill, the group are trapped in the city and must find their way out, navigating obstacles like traffic, animal rescue activists and a cat that bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Hannibal Lector. 

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Shaun The Sheep - Teaser Trailer

Shaun the Sheep may be the smallest in his flock, but he's certainly the brightest - though not exactly the best behaved ovine in the countryside. Sometimes his mischievous ways go a little too far and he, the rest of the flock and his sheepdog pal Bitzer are in for quite the adventure when one of his exploits gets completely out of hand (as per usual) and their farmer is forced to leave the farm for the bright lights of the city. While it may be fun on a normal day to prank their human boss, Shaun realises that he and the flock in fact desperately need him back to take care of them and so Shaun sets out to find out where he is, rescue him and bring everyone back to their green hillside home.

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