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Clint Eastwood's Son Joins Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Carl Mazzocone Clint Eastwood Disturbed Jeb Stuart Mark Burg Tania Raymonde Tobe Hooper

Scott Eastwood has signed up to star in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D'.

The 25-year-old actor will play the male lead, Carl, in the reboot of the classic horror movie alongside 'Percy Jackson' star Alexandria Daddario and former 'Lost' actress Tania Raymonde.

Alexandria's character is reported to be a dark and Disturbed, but generally "good" woman named Heather, whose ambiguous connections to the murders prompt her to investigate.

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Report Sheen May Finish Rehab In Weeks

Charlie Sheen CBS Mark Burg Stan Rosenfield

Charlie Sheen is expected to complete his latest rehabilitation stint by the end of this month or early next month -- far earlier than originally expected -- taping the next episode of Two and a Half Men either on February 25 or March 4. In an interview with today's (Friday) New York Times , Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield said that his prediction of an early return to work "is true with an asterisk. ... That is a target date. Dealing with rehab, you never know." CBS has two unaired shows that it plans to program over the next two weeks. Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, told the New York Post on Thursday that he has been told that Sheen will be back at work by the end of February. "Charlie would like to get back to work as soon as possible because he's concerned about the crew," he added. Some members of the crew are not being paid during that production hiatus brought about by Sheen's absence. He also insisted that, contrary to earlier reports, Sheen is taking his latest rehab stint seriously. "It's the A-team of rehab and addiction specialists that we've assembled for Charlie to deal once and for all with his sobriety issue," Burg told the Post .

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Charlie Sheen Will Spend Months In Rehab

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller CBS Denise Richards In America Lindsay Lohan Mark Burg

Charlie Sheen will be in rehab for three months.

The actor was admitted to a treatment facility over the weekend after he was hospitalised following a 36-hour alcohol and drugs binge at his Los Angeles home, and sources say he could be there for up to 90 days, disrupting filming on eight episodes of his comedy TV series 'Two And A Half Men'.

The CBS network which employs Charlie - who is the highest paid television star In America, reportedly earning a reputed $1.78 million per episode of 'Two And A Half Men' - said in statement it was "profoundly concerned for his health and well-being" before announcing production will go on hiatus.

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Brooke Mueller 'Humiliated' By Charlie

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen Mark Burg

Brooke Mueller felt "humiliated" by Charlie Sheen's decision to file for divorce.

The 'Two And A Half Men' actor and his estranged wife - who have 19-month-old twin sons, Max and Bob, together - had reportedly agreed to wait another year before filing papers and Brooke has been left stunned at Charlie's decision to officially end the two-and-half year marriage now.

Her lawyer Sorrell Trope said: "Charlie humiliated Brooke. She didn't want to make trouble for Charlie."

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Repo! The Genetic Opera Review

Repo! The Genetic Opera clearly strives to defy description, which of course makes it fun to describe: It's a futuristic rock musical about organ repossession from the director of Saws II through IV, starring Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Paul Sorvino, and Paris Hilton. But it's also surprisingly fun to sit down and watch, provided you're in the mood for a low-budget musical that swings for the fences rather than Oscar glory.

In the year 2056, Rotti Largo (Sorvino) heads up GeneCo, which offers financing options for organ transplants (both medical and cosmetic), and has no qualms about a gory repossession if a buyer misses a payment. Scientist Nathan (Anthony Stewart Head) moonlights as one such repo man while caring for his sick daughter Shilo (Alexa Vega from the Spy Kids movies), who yearns to break free from the confines of her bedroom. Complicated backstories are illustrated, literally, via half-animated comics-style panels.

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Saw V Review

At this point in the Saw series, reviews really don't matter. Frankly, this is one of the few fright franchises where audiences don't care about character development, directorial flair, or narrative invention. Instead, they want more Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, more illogical puzzle kills, and a reverse referencing that makes unimportant characters major players in later installments. To that extent, Saw V is definitely no different. Unfortunately, whatever made the first four films tolerable has been whisked away by unimaginative writing and even more pedestrian direction.

Since the death of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), FBI agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) has been trying to track down his "other" accomplice. With female helper Amanda (Shawnee Smith) also dead, all leads point to Det. Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor). New agency head Dan Erickson (Mark Rolston) isn't so sure, however, and becomes suspicious. In the meantime, a new "game" has commenced. Five people -- a fire inspector, a building permit bureaucrat, a trust fund baby/drug addict, an investigative journalist, and a property developer -- find themselves locked in a life or death struggle to see who can survive, and who will be sacrificed. As well, Jigsaw's ex-wife Jill (Betsy Russell) receives a mysterious box.

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Saw V Los Angeles World Premiere Held At Chinese 6 Theaters

Mark Burg Tuesday 21st October 2008 Saw V Los Angeles World premiere held at Chinese 6 theaters Los Angeles, California

Mark Burg

Catacombs Review

Here's what happens in Catacombs. Shannyn Sossamon plays Victoria, who arrives in Paris to hook up with her bratty sister Carolyn (marking inauspiciously Pink's speaking-role acting debut). After setting her down with some friends who tell her all about a kid who lives in the Paris catacombs, raised on raw meat and wearing a goat head for mask, Carolyn drags Victoria to a rave held in one of those catacombs, just like in The Matrix Reloaded only with nude, underground lake swimming.

Naturally, Victoria gets separated and spends the next hour-plus running around in the catacombs in her boots (has Sossamon ever appeared in a movie in heels? just wondering), being chased by, you guessed it, a dude in a goat-head mask. He doesn't stop, no matter how injured Victoria gets or how many people she encounters get killed... until the end, when one of cinema's most absurd twist endings of all time gets sprung on you.

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Saw IV Review

Who would've guessed that from the lengthy list of gimmicks employed by the Saw series, the one to try patience in Saw IV would not be its elaborate, torture-happy deathtraps, serial killer Jigsaw's dour sermonizing, or its shamelessly amped-up filmmaking, but rather the filmmakers' insistence on movie-to-movie continuity. Saw IV, like its predecessors, takes places directly after, and in some cases concurrently with, the events of its immediate predecessor. For a time, this attention to detail seemed novel; but now lacking any real forward movement, the series threatens to collapse into a black hole of its own making.

The attachment of the Saw series to even its most inconsequential, dull, poorly-realized characters rivals and maybe surpasses head murderer Jigsaw's own hang-ups; the filmmakers have become serial killers by proxy, obsessed with every minor character who crosses their path. The sinking feeling I got watching Saw IV was not horror-movie dread, or even trepidation about the inevitable Saws five through ten in particular, but that Saw V will feel obligated to feature such dynamic new franchise additions such as that FBI agent guy (Scott Patterson) and that one cop who knew those other cops (Costas Mandylor). Based on series patterns, Joanne Boland and Julian Richings will have major parts in the next sequel, reprising their roles of "crime scene photographer" and "vagrant," respectively.

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Dead Silence Review


Dead Silence sucks. It's as simple as that. I like schlocky horror films as much as the next guy, but there's nothing to like about this one. Not one thing. Warming your hands over a burning ten-dollar bill is preferable to watching this film.

It's the sort of bad movie that makes you wonder how it emerged a winner from the studio production lottery. Surely a surplus of terrible ideas exists in Hollywood, so how did this particular steaming pile get made into a movie? I can't say for sure. The inner workings of Hollywood deal-making are beyond my expertise, so I'll confine my comments on Dead Silence to its general awfulness, resisting the urge to speculate on which member of the film's creative team kidnapped and held for ransom which studio executive's infant child -- the only possible explanation for green-lighting a movie this irredeemably bad. (Here's why: The filmmakers made the studio a lot of cash with the Saw series. -Ed.)

If you haven't seen the Dead Silence trailer, you may not know that the film centers on a murderous ventriloquist, whose spirit has risen from the dead, and an army of spooky dummies who do her bidding. It's hard to say whether director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Wannell, both of whom are credited for dreaming up the story, were inspired by Chucky from the Child's Play movies or the scary clown doll from Poltergeist, but one thing is clear: Dead Silence possesses exactly zero ounces of originality. (The title sequence, for instance, is the filmic equivalent of plagiarism -- unrepentantly stealing from Steven Soderbergh's 2005 film, Bubble.)

The movie starts with some painfully awkward exposition followed by -- what else? -- a murder. One night James Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) and his wife, Lisa, discover a package containing a ventriloquist dummy left in front of their apartment door. Despite their foggy recollections of a ghost story from their childhood involving dummies and a psychotic ventriloquist who cuts out people's tongues, they don't think too much about the mysterious package. James goes to pick up some Chinese food and returns to find his wife dead, her tongue gruesomely removed and the doll lying in a heap next to her corpse. The detective assigned to the case, Jim Lipton (Donnie Walhberg), quickly fingers Ashen as the prime suspect, thus setting the wheels of plot in motion. With Lipton watching his every step, Ashen returns to his hometown to bury his wife and find the answer to her murder. He discovers that long ago a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw was killed by an enraged mob and ever since then certain families in the community have been killed off, one by one, each person's tongue ripped out by the avenging Mary Shaw and her legion of dummies.

In my movie-watching experience, I've seen Superman turn back time, zombies come to life, and Meg Ryan fall in love with Billy Crystal. And in each case, I was onboard, willing and eager to suspend my disbelief. That wasn't the case with Dead Silence. Wan and Wannell are determined not to acknowledge the inherent campiness of a movie featuring killer ventriloquist dummies and a spectral puppeteer. It's as if they think their grim refusal to address the obviously ridiculous makes it less so. Have they not seen the Scream movies? Do they know that self-awareness has been part of the horror genre for more than a decade now?

During the screening I attended, I fought off more than one urge to shake my fist at the screen. This is filmmaking at its wretched worst. At least Child's Play had a sense of humor. All Dead Silence has is dummies.

Now who's the dummy?

Saw III Review

The Saw series, like most horror franchises, uses a lot of constants in its formula -- even when those constants don't seem particularly vital to the quality of the series. Saw III, for example, matches its predecessors in the dubious categories of histrionic yelling, equally histrionic smash-editing (often incorporating a generous helping of re-used footage, from the previous films or even from earlier in this one), and plot twists that depend on those histrionics to drown out implausibility.

But Saw III does actually have a plot to twist which, like its predecessors, sets it apart from most slasher films. When we last left Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, the only cast member who doesn't have to scream half his dialogue), he was dying, and taking young Amanda (Shawnee Smith) under his wing to continue his work. Saw III picks up with Jigsaw in even worse shape than before, his body breaking down while his moralizing creepiness remains more or less intact. Amanda brings in an unhappy doctor (Bahar Soomekh) to keep Jigsaw alive along enough to see one of his most elaborate games played all the way through.

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