Marion 'Suge' Knight was involved in a run-in with police in the early hours of Wednesday, 11 September, after he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, after police suspected him of driving under the influence of drink or drugs. After passing a breathalyser test, the police called in his name and found that there was an outstanding warrant out for the rap mogul, who was promptly taken to the station for holding.

Suge Knight
Suge has struggle to get back on track after leaving prison

Knight's car was pulled over by cops on the outskirts of Beverly Hills in the early hours of Wednesday morning, having reportedly spotted it weaving in and out of the road lanes further up the road. He was tested to see if he had been drinking, but after passing the breathalyser, the cops found that Suge had an outstanding warrant notice after failing to appear at two scheduled appearances at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in June this year. He was taken to the local jail and placed in police custody until his $20,000 was paid, which it was a couple of hours later.

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