Review of How Do I Breathe Single by Mario

How Do I Breathe
J Records
Single Review

Mario How Do I Breathe Single

There is a bit of confusion over whether this will be the lead single or not, if it isn't Stateside I will be flabbergasted, it is made for an American radio audience in the same way as Mario's "You Should Let Me Love You", Mario's last world wide smash was and the same way Ne-to "So Sick" was as well.

Talking of which this track comes from the same production house as "So Sick", Stargate of course.

Mario is growing up so fast musically his duet with Drew Sidora on the soundtrack to "Step To" is stunning. This is no different, that amazingly talented teenage kid has turned into a man and this song simply proves it. I just hope this is the first single because if it isn't they are going to have to have something very special up their sleeve. One of the R&B ballads of the year, make no mistake.

Real Urban Appeal 5/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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