Review of Hurt No More Album by Mario Winans

Mario Winans

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Mario Winans - Hurt No More - Album Review

Mario Winans

Hurt No More

Mario Winans is the latest big thing to come from Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs label Bad Boy Records. The promotional campaign is in full swing promoting Mr Winas deeming him the next sensation and his first single ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ is getting a lot of airplay on the commercial radio stations.

Mario Winans if of the classic soul genre. He can play piano and has obviously been schooled by the more sensitive r’n’b artist. You can

Mario Winas - Hurt No More Album Review

hear R Kelly influences in his style of singing. His voice is more high pitched and sweet. It misses that gravely raw sound. It’s more polished and flows with a soft serenity that will certainly grab nu soul lovers. The music makes a change from what we hear from American r’n’b these days. With the exception of ‘How I Made It’ the music is generally softer and more melodic probably due to a strong piano influence. You can expect funky grooves from a band well versed in r’n’b, but it’s not as upbeat as Maxwell or as cool as D’Angelo.

This album is soft, soothing and laid back. It’s for lovers of soul and has a classy sound. It does have crossover pop potential so will appeal to a wider audience. It’s not ballsy and could be quite bland in places for some. It’s specific to its genre and holds a place in that scene.

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