Review of Never Really Was' feat. Lil' Flip Single by Mario Winans

Mario Winans

Mario Winans - Never Really Was’ feat. Lil’ Flip - Single Review

Mario Winans

Never Really Was’ feat. Lil’ Flip

‘Never Really Was’ is another release from Mario Winans’ debut album ‘Hurt No More’. Winans has made a big impression commercially with this album and has had chart success. There’s no escaping that this lad is a sensitive guy with classic soul feelings. He’s expressing his fear, pain and anguish about a relationship gone wrong. All the woes of lying, cheating, betrayal and ultimately loss can be felt.

Mario Winans - Never Really Was feat. Lil Flip - Single Review

There’s a certain gloss to it all. P Diddy, executive producer, uses a Madonna’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ sample to start off the single that features Lil’ Flip rapping over this on his version. The beats are slow, smooth and soulful. There’s an orchestra feel to it, mixed with Winans’ sweet vocals and beats create a roomy sound that is light and full of soul.

‘Never Really Was’ is a simple but effective soul track that oozes sensitivity. It could be a bit too sweet and creamy for some but could appeal to lovers of new urban American music.

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