Marilyn Monroe’s name is one you don’t get to read in headlines too often these days, but the Some Like It Hot actress continues to make news to this day, most recently with the surfacing of her alleged ties to communism.

The FBI has recently released files, which prove that classic Hollywood actress was under surveillance for “drifting into the area of communist influence” from the mid-1950s to just a few months before her death. The files, a highly edited version of which had been released previously, do show that the FBI was monitoring the actress for quite some time, but her death under suspicious circumstances was not investigated. Instead, the FBI put it down to suicide. The files show that part of the profits from Monroe’s production company were being siphoned into communist activities, according to The Daily Mail.

Another concern to federal agents were Monroe’s friends with ties to the communist agenda, most notably Frederick Vanderbilt Field, who was disinherited by his family because of his left-leaning beliefs. The friendship reportedly got started during Monroe’s 1962 trip to Mexico, while Field was living there in self-imposed exile, along with his family, The Associated Press reports. The release of the non-redacted files was expected to shed some light on the troubled actress life and death, but it looks like exactly half a century later, Marilyn remains as big a mystery as ever.