A set of physician's notes on the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe that appear to indicate she underwent cosmetic surgery will go up for auction next month along with a set of her X-rays, Reuters reports.

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe Apparently Underwent Cosmetic Surgery On Her Chin

Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills announced the news on Tuesday, saying a set of six X-rays and a file of doctor's notes that offer a medical history for the actress between 1950 and 1962 are expected to fetch between $15,000 and $30,000 when they go under the hammer on November 9-10.

The notes were written by Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin and appear to confirm speculation that Monroe - often considered the most beautiful actress of all time - went under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

"Nobody really thought about Marilyn Monroe having plastic surgery.It was always speculation - did she or didn't she?" said Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien's Auctions. "They thought she was such a natural beauty, they didn't want to believe."

The doctor's notes include references to a cartilage implant in Monroe's chin in 1950, which he observed had begun to dissolve. 

"Also at that time, going back to the 1950s, people didn't go for plastic surgery procedures," Nolan added. "This is very, very new."

Marilyn Monroe Seven Year ItchMarilyn Monroe 's Image At The 'Seven Year Itch' Exhibition At The V&A

The X-rays are dated June 7, 1962, two months before Monroe would die aged 36 from an overdose of barbiturates. The death was ruled a probable suicide. 

The doctor's notes appear to confirm the claims made by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Normal Leaf who, in his self-published memoir in 2010, claimed that Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery on her chin in 1950.

Marilyn Monroe was an international sex-symbol - probably the most famous and recognizable woman in the world at the time. Her biggest movie remains 1959's Some Like It Hot.