Marilyn Manson's fiancee DITA VON TEESE split from her former love PETER SARSGAARD after she found out he was having an affair with supermodel SHALOM HARLOW.

The burlesque strip artist dated the KINSEY actor until she found out he had been secretly romancing the Canadian model-turned actress.

Von Teese says, "She was someone I am a big fan of, and we have since sat next to each other at a fashion show and talked about it.

"In fact, she admitted that he cheated on her, too. It's something that happens to every girl at some point. The way I see it was that if he hadn't done it, I wouldn't have got together with Marilyn."

Von Teese and Harlow both attended the Costume Institute Gale in New York earlier this month (MAY05).

Sarsgaard split from Harlow in early 2002, and began dating current girlfriend Maggie Gyllenhaal later that year.

24/05/2005 09:11