Marilyn Manson wants AIDS for Christmas.

The 45-year-old rocker - whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner - has controversially joked he has requested to be given the final stage of the HIV infection several times as a festive treat, and is disappointed not to have contracted it.

He said: ''People who don't give me gifts on Christmas, that doesn't bother me. But I hate giving gifts, and I've always asked for AIDS for Christmas and I've never got it, sadly.''

The musician - who will release his ninth studio album 'The Pale Emperor' next month - continued to say he despises the holiday because it meant he received fewer presents on his birthday - January 5 - as a youngster.

He explained: ''Christmas is a holiday which I really don't like. It's right before my birthday so as a child I was forced to accept one gift instead of two, and I've had much more fun at non-religious holidays.

''I grew up in a Christian school, I hated the religious element of it. But I also grew up in a house where Christmas wasn't greatly celebrated, mostly because I think my father hated it, and I would associate him with Father Christmas.''

Nowadays, the peculiar star attempts to tarnish the festive season by hanging up a Nazi bauble in his home.

He said: ''I have burned a Christmas tree before, I've painted one black, and I do have a Third Reich Christmas ball that someone gave to me as a gift, that seems very opposite of Christmas.''

The peculiar singer - whose highest charting hit was a 2001 cover of 'Tainted Love' - added he would not hesitate to murder Father Christmas if the jolly elf came to his home.

Speaking to, he added: ''If Santa Claus came down my chimney I'd shoot him as a burglar.''