Marilyn Manson's career will come full circle when he performs with Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday night (18Aug12) because he first dreamed of becoming a rocker while listening to a stolen The Doors album.
The shock rocker met keyboard player Manzarek for the first time for a joint Rolling Stone interview on Wednesday (15Aug12) and insisted his performance with his heroes will be a career highlight.
It'll be a big night for Manson's father too - he introduced young Brian Warner, Manson's real name, to the band when he was a child.
Manson tells Manzarek, "I was in Christian school and I first heard heavy metal. I got turned on and went down the dark path, and when I say dark, I mean s**t music like Kiss and stuff like that. But the Doors was something I sort of discovered on an eight-track cassette of my parents.
"Then I went to the public library because I remember strangely you could check out cassettes and I got Waiting For the Sun - and I stole it."
And Manson reveals The Doors have always been a strong influence on him: "I put something on and it sounds new in many different ways. Records that I didn't understand at the time, like Soft Parade and things like that, they're very innovative and they were not just ahead of their time, but they time travelled."
And the rocker used the get together with Manzarek to thank his hero for helping him get laid, adding, "I've f**ked a lot of girls to The Doors. Thank you for that, sir."