Marilyn Manson threw a smoke bomb at a premiere party for 'Spring Breakers' over the weekend.

The goth rocker was clearly in a mischievous mood as he attended the bash at Los Angeles Emerson Theatre and as he left the venue, he wound down the window of his car and tossed the joke device into the parking lot.

As smoke billowed, firemen arrived to inspect Marilyn's 'bomb' and make sure it wasn't anything serious.

According to the New York Post newspaper, Marilyn was in ''make-up and sunglasses'' and throwing a smoke bomb has become his ''signature move''.

A source added: ''He did the same thing recently at Greystone Manor.''

Last month, Marilyn left fans worried and shocked during his sold-out concert in Saskatoon, Canada, when he collapsed on stage.

The heavy metal star keeled over and vomited halfway through 'Beautiful People', forcing the 44-year-old musician to cut the gig short as his security members dragged him off stage.

It was later revealed the collapse had been caused by flu, which he had been suffering with all day.