Mariah Carey is reportedly about to sign on as an American Idol judge in a deal worth up to $15 million per year. It appears as though Carey's manager Randy Jackson - also a judge on the show - has been looking to get Mariah to join 'Idol' since it became clear that Jennifer Lopez would be leaving.
The deal has also been made easier by the fact that Mariah is known to be a huge fan of the show. A source close to her told the Chicago Sun-Times, "Mariah hardly misses an episode of 'Idol'. Even when she's on the road, she makes sure it's recorded so she can watch it later". At this point in the singer's career, American Idol would appear to be an extremely workable option - she is reportedly looking to spend more time at home with her husband and children, and Idol would allow her that. Ironically, her hubby Nick Cannon is the host of 'Idol's competing show 'America's Got Talent', though a source said, "Since he's the host, not a judge.that's not considered a problem". Finally, with Carey's new album coming out (including the single Triumphant), 'American Idol' would be the ideal place to showcase it, with millions tuning in for each show. It's likely that the singer will perform during the latter rounds and maybe even during the finale.
With Simon Cowell landing Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for the new series of 'X Factor Usa', Mariah is the superstar name that 'American Idol' are forced to land, should they want to keep up with the competition.