Mariah Carey had to be carried around the set of her new video SHAKE IT OFF because she couldn't walk in the high-heeled shoes she chose for the shoot.

But keen to dispel reports that her refusal to walk around was a further example of her bid to become a top pop diva, Carey told a TV crew covering the promo that she was in agony - and then insisted her make-up artist made it clear that the fancy shoes had left her feet bleeding.

She complained, "I can't walk in these shoes and it's not because I'm being a diva... Laugh all you want, my feet hurt."

Caring director JAKE NAVA immediately called for a pair of comfortable slippers, so his star could rest her weary feet - but that failed to impress Carey because she can't wear flat shoes.

She explained, "My feet repel them."

But British video director Nava still insisted working with Carey was a treat.

He says, "She arrived on the set early and we worked well together. She's so not a diva really."

29/07/2005 09:07