Carey Named 'Worst Singer Of All Time' - Comments and Message Board

I think considering that the person didn't even bother to post his or her name it should be taken with a grain of salt.Maybe Tommy Mottola is at it again and needs some extra money after being dropped by Sony as quick as Mariah dropped him. Or maybe it's the person who had to give Mariah over 49 million for 1 album from Virgin Records? Maybe it's a certain candy wrapper who is still soooo obsessed over MC even though he claims it was the other way around?(can you say delusional?)Either way the world may never know who this pathetic tone deaf coward is. Let me guess Madonna is probably the greatest singer on their list along with Milli Vanilli as best group. LOL

Posted 8 years 8 months ago by tazgyrl78

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Really? And if you're SO proud of your opinion, why remain anonymous? Could it be because you've got NO damn business WHATSOEVER opening your trap on the subject of MUSIC alone, never mind mentioning Mariah Carey? If it was at all possible to cleanse and sanitize one's name, that's EXACTLY what she'd need to do after being fouled in the disease of your excretion-filled mouth - you infantile MORON. I'd LOVE to defecate in your filthy mouth, but let's be honest - it's CLEARLY your favourite flavour...

Posted 8 years 8 months ago by ericsasharlette

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