Mariah Carey has revealed all about her stunning weight loss - she created a diet based on morsels of food. The R+B diva lost 32 pounds (14.5 kilograms) in just four months by limiting the food she ate to nothing more than a forkful. She tells American magazine Life + Style, "I kind of invented it (diet). Basically you can have a tiny bit of everything you want - but it has to be less than a forkful." The pop superstar, who insists she still wants to lose another five pounds (2.3 kilograms) before embarking on her upcoming tour, reveals she also worked out fiercely to get into shape. She adds, "I'm working out like mad. You can punch me in the stomach and feel how tight it is." Carey spends an hour in the gym every day and is also put through her paces during an aerobic water work-out, while her low-carbohydrate diet meant she had to give up her beloved pasta and instead dine on "mini-meals" of fish, soups, salad and fruit.