After a fraught, adrenaline filled night of watching the polls, anxiously waiting for the results to roll in, it's no wonder that President Obama is receiving an inordinate amount of praise after his win. Supporters, or 'fans', if you will, are flooding him with their well wishes and adoration. Leading the hordes, and trumping them all, is Mariah Carey, who has recorded and released a song in Obama's honour. 

Mariah Carey's song is called 'Bring It On Home' has been described as a "soulful ballad" by E! and is absolutely resonant with everything that Obama preached yesterday. The first verse says, "We just everyday people, tryin' to make it through the pain/Yet we intentionally hurt each other playing silly games." Plus, with a line like "But when it comes down to win or lose, don't give up the fight/cause strength is what we need and love can save our lives." it seems she prepared for the worst, knowing that the song would hopefully hit home regardless of the electoral outcome. 

Despite millions of Americans being overjoyed with last night's results, almost half of voters were left disappointed. Numero uno on the list of disgruntled Republicans is Donald Trump, who enacted his tirade of frustration via Twitter. Many of his tweets have now been deleted, but rather than remaining loyal to his party, he found excuses in their leader, Mitt Romney. He said, "This was the Republicans election to win. @MittRomney is a good man but he just never connected with the people."

For a little more positive swing on the future, check out Bring It On Home: