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Maria Taylor
Lynn Teeter Flower
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Maria Taylor Lynn Teeter Flower Album

Maria Taylor left the band Azure Ray to release 2005's 11:11, where her sweet, grown-up voice added a lovely lilt to what was a promising set of songs. So often, an artist who is 'one to watch' then goes on to disappoint. But Lynn Teeter Flower continues the evolution nicely. Like a mix of Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morisette, the songs are given real, solid depth by her excellent intonation and storytelling. It doesn't take much of a listen to fall for the whole approach - the delicate layering of tasteful guitar, organ and harmonies contrasting nicely with a Gemma Hayes-like attack on some tracks.

If there is a parallel, Lynn Teeter Flower deeply resembles the disarmingly hypnotic spell of a Gemma Hayes album. And that is a great recommendation - this is a wonderful album, a whole step on from her solo debut (especially if you edit out the odd Irish Goodbye). Staying well away from the 'quirky-is-good' rubbish that characterises so many female singer-songwriters today, this shows that real talent can play with a straight bat and still make great music.


Mike Rea

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