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Margot Robbie (born Margot Elise Robbie 02.07.90) is an Australian actress known for her work on 'Neighbours', 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Focus'.

Net Worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2013, Margot Robbie has a net worth of 8 million USD.

Childhood: Margot Robbie was born and grew up in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, to Sarie Kessler. As both her parents came from farming backgrounds, she spent time at her grandparents' farm in Dalby, Queensland. Robbie studied at Somerset College, graduating in 2007, and moving to Melbourne to being working professionally on acting. 

Career: In 2008, Margot Robbie appeared in and episode of 'City Homicide', and 'Review with Myles Barlow', and two episodes of 'The Elephant Princess'. Later in the year, Robbie appeared in the film 'Vigilante' - her debut film performance. She also began appearing in the Australian television series, 'Neighbours'. The following year, she had the starring role in the film 'I.C.U.'. In 2011, Robbie left 'Neighbours', while gaining one of the lead roles in 'Pan Am'.

In 2013, Robbie had a small part in the film 'About Time', before having the lead female role in 'The Wolf of Wall Street', opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. The following year, Robbie worked on the film, 'Suite Française', before working in the film 'Z for Zachariah' in 2015. In the same year, she stared opposite Will Smith in the film 'Focus'.

Personal Life: Margot Robbie began living with her 'Neighbours' co-star Ashleigh Brewer in 2009. When she left 'Neighbours' in 2011, she moved in with former co-star Caitlin Stasey in Los Angeles, California. In the same year, she moved to New York City, New York, while filming 'Pan Am'. She later began a relationship with British director, Tom Ackerly. In May, 2014, Robbie moved to live in London.

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Margot Robbie Misspelled First Tattoo On Suicide Squad Crew Member

Margot Robbie Jai Courtney

The Australian beauty acquired a tattoo gun and offered to ink her castmates.

Photos of actors like Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne showing off the new ink Robbie permanently etched on them surfaced online last year (15), with each castmate boasting a brand new 'skwad' tattoo to remind them of their time on set.

However, Robbie told U.S. talk show host Stephen Colbert during his post-Super Bowl The Late Show special on Sunday (07Feb16) that the first brave soul to trust her as a new inkmaster was Courtney's assistant Simon, who is now sporting a regrettable one-of-a-kind tattoo.

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Will Smith Dodged Suicide Squad Tattoo Sessions

Will Smith Margot Robbie Scott Eastwood Jai Courtney Cara Delevingne

The Hollywood veteran joined young stars including Margot Robbie, Scott Eastwood, Jai Courtney, and Cara Delevingne in the upcoming movie about a government task force made up of hardened criminals.

At the close of filming, the actors wanted a tattoo to remind them of their time on set, and photographs later posted online showed Margot inking director David Ayer's arm, Jai with new artwork on his arm, and Cara getting a tattoo on her foot.

However, one Suicide Squad star does not have a permanent reminder of the movie - Will watched aghast at his younger co-stars' carefree antics, and made sure he was not around when it came to his turn to get inked.

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The Big Short Review


Smart and snappy, this comedy is one of the scariest films of the year, using humour to outline the 2008 economic collapse from the inside. With characters who are based on real people, the film shows how economists made a fortune from the financial devastation inflicted on millions of families. And the movie cleverly points out that all of this happened (and people are still getting away with it) because the general public can't be bothered to pay attention.

Things were so booming in the first years of this century that it was easy for the media to divert the attention of Americans away from the dark underbelly of the financial world, creating big scandals out of nothing, spurring rampant buying sprees and making stars of non-entities like the Kardashians. Meanwhile in 2005, investment expert Michael Burry (Christian Bale) noticed that America's mortgage market was turning toxic. So he offered to "short" it, betting against this always-stable market by purchasing credit default swaps. The banks thought they would make a fortune from him, carrying on their dangerous practices. But other experts saw Burry's point, including the nerdy genius Mark Baum (Steve Carell), the shark-like Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) and a pair of newbies (Finn Wittrock and John Magaro) who tip off their reclusive mentor Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt). When the economy imploded, these men became billionaires.

Director-cowriter Adam McKay is better known for silly movies like Anchorman, so he packs this film with raucous cutaways to pop culture references of the period, as well as hilariously absurd explanations of economic issues from, for example, Margot Robbie in a bubble bath or Selena Gomez playing blackjack. This approach actually heightens the horror of what's going on as fraudulent bankers and corrupt government officials conspire to undermine the foundations of the economy. Although the explanations still feel like gibberish to mere mortals, it's at least presented in a way that's entertaining.

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Suicide Squad Trailer

When there's nowhere left to turn, the bad guys might just turn out to be your only option. Amanda Waller is the leader of a task force who keeps on losing members of her team, she comes up with an idea to form a specialised task force formed with some of the most dangerous criminals that are currently in jail.

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Arkham Asylum Is Open: Meet The Suicide Squad - Trailer + Pictures

Jared Leto Margot Robbie Will Smith

Too often are we made to see the world through the eyes of a superhero. Too often are we presented with a black and white view of good and evil. 'Suicide Squad' brings you the ultimate nemesis team, promised freedom in return for saving the world. Can they do it? Or is destruction just their nature?

Jared Leto as The JokerJared Leto is the latest incarnation of The Joker

The gates of Arkham Asylum have opened, and the horror within unleashed. They've been enlisted on a top secret black ops mission that only they can perform. The future depends now on the so-called villains and not the heroes. Ahead of the August premiere, we delve into the membership of the Suicide Squad:

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Margot Robbie Arrives On A Flight To Los Angeles International Airport

Margot Robbie - Margot Robbie mobbed by fans as she arrives on a flight to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 14th January 2016

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Teaser Trailer

Being over 40 and a female journalist in the city means you don't necessarily get the good projects to work on. Kim Barker is just one of those women and she's in need of a new dose of... something. Her relationship is static and her life hasn't exactly become the success story she hoped it would.

When her news organisation is looking for some new field reporters, Kim decides that it might be the chance she's looking for. Sure, the new job might be based in Kabul, but it's got to be better than what she's got. Arriving in the foreign land, she's sent to 'the fun house', a name given to the building where all the foreign journalists live. Learning how to report from two countries and moving back and forth with armed escorts soon becomes the norm for Kim and she develops a an affection for a country most would be wanting to distance themselves from.

As well as reporting - often menial - stories, Kim quickly becomes absorbed in the local way life as well as finding a few new friends also living in the fun house. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is based on Kim Barker's memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Legend Of Tarzan - Teaser Trailer

Who would've thought that a boy who grew up with apes in the jungle could turn into a well-respected lord who's not only adjusted to 'civilised' life - become accustom to it too. Tarzan is no longer the boy who was written about in all the books, he's a lord and lives with the love of his life, Jane.

When John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke (aka Tarzan) is approached by the government to travel back to the Congo become an ambassador for the Parliament he reluctantly accepts under forced circumstances. What Tarzan doesn't know is that he's about to play exactly into the hands of Captain Leon Rom, a ruthless Belgian businessman and hunter who's fierce rule is taking over Tarzan's old home.

Having kidnapped Jane, Tarzan's love Captain Leon Rom knows Tarzan will track her down. Both parties are not only pitted against one another but the jungle and its residents also make a battle cry which could result in disastrous consequences.

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Margot Robbie Is A Desert Beauty In Airline Ad

Margot Robbie

The Wolf of Wall Street star has joined forces with the British airline to help promote the company's new Boeing 787-9 and posed for pictures in the Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The 25-year-old looked flawless in a white one shoulder Burberry Prosum gown which featured pleated detailing across the bust and a sweetheart neckline. Margot poses on an old fashioned suitcase in one shot, while in another, she drapes a khaki green leather biker jacket around her shoulders as she holds the hem of the dress and stands beside her luggage.

The actress wasn't stranded in the desert alone though, as in another picture she is seen laughing with her blonde hair blowing loosely round her shoulders as she's surrounded by six hunky pilots.

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Delta Goodrem Tops Australian Maxim Hot 100 List

Delta Goodrem Margot Robbie

The 30 year old has posed topless for the cover of her homeland's Maxim magazine after hitting the number one spot on the publication's annual Hot 100 countdown.

Goodrem, who is set to make her theatre debut in a new revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats, took to on Wednesday (21Oct15) to celebrate her hotness, writing, "Super excited to be Number #1 on Maxim's prestigious hot 100 thank you so much guys!"

Meanwhile, also making the top 10 on the new Maxim Hot 100 Down Under: supermodel Miranda Kerr, pop stars Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Mauboy, and 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

Jared Leto's Intense Suicide Squad Transformation

Will Smith Jared Leto Margot Robbie Adam Beach

Will Smith says he never met Jared Leto while working on 'Suicide Squad' because the actor was so immersed in his role as The Joker.

Although the duo worked on the movie together for six months, Will - who plays Deadshot - insisted that Jared took his part so seriously that he never broke character.

Speaking in an interview on Beats 1, Will said: '''Suicide Squad' is insane. I've never actually met Jared Leto. We worked together for six months and we've never exchanged a word outside of 'Action!' and 'Cut!' I literally have not met him yet. So, the first time I see him will be 'Hey, Jared. What's up?' He was all in on the Joker.''

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2015 Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day - Arrivals

Margot Robbie - 2015 Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day - Arrivals - New York, United States - Friday 11th September 2015

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

2015 Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day - Arrivals

Margot Robbie - 2015 Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day - Arrivals - Manhattan, New York, United States - Saturday 12th September 2015

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Los Angeles Premiere Of "Focus"

Margot Robbie - The Los Angeles Premiere of "Focus" at TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 in Hollywood, California. - Hollywood, California, United States - Wednesday 25th February 2015

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Focus'

Will Smith and Margot Robbie - A variety of stars were photographed as they attended the World Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' new film "Focus." The premiere was held at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 24th February 2015

Will Smith and Margot Robbie
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Will Smith
Will Smith and Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie

Date of birth

2nd July, 1990








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