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Margot Kidder Arrested For White House Protest

Margot Kidder

Veteran actress Margot Kidder was arrested in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (23Aug11) for protesting against an oil project.

The 62 year old, who played Superman's love interest Lois Lane on the big screen, was part of a group staging a rally about TransCanada Corp.'s Keystone XL pipeline scheme.

The campaigners are hoping to convince U.S. President Barack Obama to quash the $7 billion planned project to move oil from Alberta to America's Gulf Coast. Canadian officials have already approved the work, but it needs a final nod from authorities in the U.S. before it can go ahead.

During the rally, Kidder declared, "It's bound to leak... They always assure us these things are safe, and they never are."

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Former Lois Lane Margot Kidder Praises Adams Casting

Margot Kidder Lois Lane Superman Amy Adams MTV

Margot Kidder has welcomed the casting of her latest Lois Lane successor in the new Superman movie, insisting newly-hired Amy Adams is a "better actress than I am".

The Enchanted star will play the intrepid reporter in director Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the comic book franchise, alongside Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Kidder, who portrayed Lane in Superman: The Movie in 1978 and three sequels with Christopher Reeve, was delighted to hear about Adams' casting, and is convinced the Oscar nominee is perfect for the role.

She tells MTV, "She's a brilliant, wonderful actress! She's incredible. She's an extraordinarily accomplished young lady - and gorgeous and full of energy and spirit. She's so different from part to part, it's going to be really interesting to see what she does with Lois.

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Hollywood Collector Show In The Gilmore Adobe At Farmer's Market

Margot Kidder Monday 12th October 2009 Hollywood Collector Show in the Gilmore Adobe at Farmer's Market Los Angeles, California, USA

Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder

Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Halloween II' Held At The Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Arrivals

Margot Kidder - Monday 24th August 2009 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California

Margot Kidder

Your Mommy Kills Animals Review

Very Good
In the first few minutes of the shrewdly named Your Mommy Kills Animals, we're told the U.S. government named the animal rights movement the #1 domestic terrorist threat in 2005. We spend the rest of the documentary determining whether that's a legitimate assessment or a desperate strategy.

If you've never pegged the animal rights universe as painfully complicated, think again. Director Curt Johnson, Oscar-winning producer of the 2002 short Thoth, stirs a whirlwind of history, opinions, and first-person footage that's the most accessible, thorough chronicle of animal rights ever put to film.

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Superman Review

Very Good
Yeah, it was 1978 when Superman first hit theaters in the version most of us remember -- with Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel and Marlon Brando as his disco-inspired pop. Superman is a lovable epic full of quaint nostalgia and incredible mysteries of logic (because if the earth spun the other way round, time would apparently reverse... riiiight). The story tells the bulk of the Superman legend -- his escape from Krypton, coming to terms with his powers as a youth in Smallville, moving to big old Metropolis and becoming Clark Kent (and falling for crusty Lois Lane), and dealing with a Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman, excellently over the top) plan to buy up real estate in Nevada and then destroy most of California, thus making his new coastline worth millions. Watch for Terence Stamp's Zod in the first scene -- he'll be back to rule as one of cinema's great villains in Superman II.

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Superman II Review

"Kneel before Zod."

Superman II had all the signposts of a disaster. Richard Donner, who shot much of the footage during the production of the first Superman, found himself forced away from the movie and replaced by Richard Lester, who claimed never to have heard of Superman before signing on to the franchise. To top it off, Marlon Brando sued to cut out all his scenes as Jor-El. And Gene Hackman was unavailable to shoot after Lester took the reins.

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Superman IV: The Quest For Peace Review

Christopher Reeve allegedly insisted that if he was going to slum his way through a fourth Superman movie, it would have to involve a story about nuclear disarmament. Noble, yes, but after Supe tosses all the nukes into the sun, Lex Luthor tosses token villain "Nuclear Man" (Mark Pillow, whose career was promptly killed after this debacle) into the mix. Pathetic battle, combined with the usual "hide that secret identity!" subplot, ensues. Worst of all are the special effects: I didn't think you could make an entire movie on a bluescreen in 1987, but damn if director Sidney J. Furie doesn't try. I've also never seen people falling sooo sloooooowlyyyyyyyyyy. Avoid!

Black Christmas (1974) Review

"If this picture doesn't make your skin crawl... it's on too tight!"

So went the promo tagline for Black Christmas, the 1974 cult horror classic which might have had epidermal layers on the go 30 years ago... but which feels pretty tame today.

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Superman III Review

The third entry in the Superman series stands as one of history's most infamous cautionary tales about the danges of computers, and it's also one of the silliest. Not only does Richard Pryor engineer a way to steal all the rounded half-pennies from his employer, he manages to synthesize kryptonite (using tobacco tar as an ingredient where needed) and design an artificial intelligence system that "wants to live." No Lex Luthor this time out; Pryor's employer is Robert Vaughn -- a corporate mogul trying to use technology to cause world disasters and profit from them. There's barely any Lois Lane either -- she's on vacation -- so Superman/Clark Kent finds himself with his highschool crush, Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole), who is about twice as much fun as Margot Kidder ever was.

Kidder Pretended Superman Was Indiana Jones

Margot Kidder Christopher Reeve Harrison Ford Superman Lois Lane INDIANA JONES Superman II

Actress Margot Kidder pretended Christopher Reeve was Harrison Ford for her romantic scenes in the Superman films - because she wasn't attracted to her co-star.
The movie star, who played Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane in the cult films, admits she conjured up images of INDIANA JONES for a lost kissing scene.
She says, "I remember pretending he was Harrison Ford because I had rather a large crush on Harrison.
"Chris and I didn't have sexual chemistry, we had serious brother and sister chemistry - and you don't wanna be kissing your brother."
The lost kiss will be one of many forgotten scenes which will feature in the DVD of Superman II: THE RICHARD DONNER CUT, which is released later this month (NOV06).

Hugely Different Superman Ii Cut Restores Lost Brando Footage

Superman II Richard Donner Alexander Marlon Brando Christopher Reeve Richard Lester Margot Kidder

Superman II will be released in a radically different form this month (NOV06), as the director who was fired midway through filming has finally been given the chance to unveil his vision over a quarter of a century after the sequel first hit cinemas.
In an episode that has passed into Hollywood folklore, Richard Donner was sacked by producers Alexander and ILYA SALKIND in March 1979 over fears of the follow-up's dark tone and a spiralling budget.
But Warner Bros has now agreed to release Superman II, which originally came out in 1980, as Donner had intended, following an online petition signed by Man Of Steel fans around the world.
The 'new' version features 15 minutes of unseen footage of Marlon Brando playing the father of Christopher Reeve's Superman.
It also only uses 20 per cent of the footage shot by Donner's replacement Richard Lester, who received sole credit at the time.
SUPERMAN II: THE RICHARD DONNER CUT, which is released on DVD on 20 November, also contains rehearsal footage of Reeve and co-star Margot Kidder to make up for some scenes Donner didn't have an opportunity to shoot.

Margot Kidder

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Your Mommy Kills Animals Movie Review

In the first few minutes of the shrewdly named Your Mommy Kills Animals, we're told...

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