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Gay Harden Breastless Scene Set To Shock

24th October 2007

MARCIA GAY HARDEN is hoping her harrowing post-surgery breast reveal in new movie RAILS + TIES prompts all women to get tested for breast cancer. The Oscar-winning actress plays a woman dealing with cancer in...

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Harden Impressed By Students' Letters

25th March 2007

The letters actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN receives from the drama students she helps put through college mean as much to her as the Oscar she won for POLLOCK in 2000. The movie star offers scholarships...

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Fascinating Fact 2708

15th January 2007

MARCIA GAY HARDEN isn't too proud to cash-in a gift certificate. The POLLOCK star recently called jewellery firm Charriol to claim the $2,000 (GBP1,026) gift certificate she picked up at the American Film Institute Festival...

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Penn Blasts Bush During Racy Speech

19th December 2006

Oscar winner SEAN PENN stunned audience members when he called for the impeachment of US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY and used the words "blow job" and "c*m stain" during a...

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Moore Gushes Over Grant

25th August 2005

MANDY MOORE has fallen for British actor HUGH GRANT, after working with him on upcoming movie AMERICAN DREAMZ. Moore stars alongside a host of seasoned actors in the film, including MARCIA GAY HARDEN, DENNIS...

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Marcia Gay Harden Fined For Bad Language

5th August 2005

MARCIA GAY HARDEN's six-year-old daughter EULALA is so disgusted with her mother's "spicy" language, she now fines the Oscar-winning actress every time she uses bad language. The POLLOCK star, also mother to 15-month-old twins...

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Harden And Goodman Join Special Reading

30th March 2005

MARCIA GAY HARDEN and JOHN GOODMAN have joined the star-studded cast of a special reading of two plays. THEATER OF THE NEW EAR will feature performances - which will be taped for later broadcast...

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Harden To Make Philharmonic Debut

16th March 2005

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN is taking to the stage this month (MAR05) to make her NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC debut. The POLLOCK star is among the ensemble cast performing a semi-staged version of MENDELSSOHN's...

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Harden Supports Film's Political Message

24th August 2004

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN describes her latest film MOOSEPORT as a "silly little movie" with a political message. The MYSTIC RIVER actress, 45, wants the values of honesty espoused in the political...

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Marcia Gay Harden Gives Birth To Twins

28th April 2004

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN has given birth to twins. The 44-year-old POLLOCK star and her husband, THADDAEUS SCHEEL, had a boy called HUDSON HARDEN SCHEEL, and a girl called JULITTA DEE HARDEN SCHEEL,...

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Blige Finds More Drama

19th February 2004

Soul superstar MARY J BLIGE has signed up to make her theatrical debut in New York City. From 24 to 29 February (04), the NO MORE DRAMA singer will star in THE EXONERATED, an...

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Pregnant Harden Insists On Heels For Oscars

11th February 2004

POLLOCK star MARCIA GAY HARDEN has insisted on wearing high heels to the upcoming ACADEMY AWARDS - even though she'll be eight months pregnant when the ceremony takes place. The OSCAR-winning screen star, who...

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Marica Gay Harden's Expanding Waistline

5th February 2004

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN has been forced to endure wisecracks about her increasing size since becoming pregnant with twins. The POLLOCK star, who is due to give birth to a boy and a...

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Marcia's Oscars Tribute To Dead Niece

29th January 2004

MARCIA GAY HARDEN will pay a very special tribute to her dead niece AUDREY if she picks up a second OSCAR next month (FEB04). The star has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress...

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Marcia Gay Harden Rides Out Tragedy

23rd January 2004

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN is determined to remain optimistic following the deaths of her niece and nephew in a house fire last month (DEC03). The MYSTIC RIVER star - who is pregnant with...

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Marcia's Grief Triples

28th December 2003

LATEST: MARCIA GAY HARDEN's Christmas turned from bad to worse when her niece AUDREY, 10, lost her battle to survive a fire which killed her brother. The OSCAR winner's nephew SANDER lost his life...

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Marcia's Magical Fighting Christmas

23rd December 2003

OSCAR-winner MARCIA GAY HARDEN's Christmases are based around fighting and tree decorations. The actress' Christmas memories have always featured family feuds and a huge tree - and she's continuing the tradition now she's a...

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Marcia Heartbroken After Nephew's Fire Tragedy

17th December 2003

OSCAR winner MARCIA GAY HARDEN has been left heartbroken after the death of her six-year-old nephew in a fire. An apartment owned by the pregnant actress' former sister-in-law in Queens, New York, went up...

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Marcia Gay Harden's Oscar Regret

3rd December 2003

Screen star MARCIA GAY HARDEN describes her best supporting actress OSCAR win as "disastrous" - because she's certain the victory has stunted her career. The 44-year-old actress scooped the coveted honour for her turn...

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Marcia Gay Harden Picks Harlem Over Hollywood

18th September 2003

OSCAR-winning actress MARCIA GAY HARDEN has turned her back on life in Hollywood in favour of New York neighbourhood Harlem. The POLLOCK star and her husband THADDAEUS decided against the star-studded hills of Tinseltown...

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Drew Barrymore.s Raunchy Anti.war Night Out

25th March 2003

CHARLIE'S ANGEL DREW BARRYMORE was left stunned when her trip to an anti-war party turned out to be a raunch-fest at a gay bar. The Hollywood actress made an impassioned plea for peace at...

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Halle Tops Oscars Glamour List

23rd March 2003

HALLE BERRY's decision to wear a stunning PHILLIP BLOCH gown to the 2002 OSCARS has earned her the title of the ACADEMY AWARDS' Best Oscar Look in a new magazine poll. The actress, who...

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