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The Things They Say 3413

22nd November 2006

"I'm due in three weeks, so I'm kind of walking side to side right now. It's like MARCH OF THE PENGUINS." DIANA KRALL on expecting twins with husband ELVIS COSTELLO.

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Penguin Spoof Too Dirty For Cinemas

3rd August 2006

Controversial director BOB SAGET was so fearful of being arrested over his risque spoof FARCE OF THE PENGUINS, he was forced back into the editting room. The cheeky satire of award-winning docu-film MARCH OF THE...

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Mi:3 Wins Trailer Award

14th June 2006

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III has won a prestigious movie award, for the year's best trailer. The film itself disappointed critics, but an illustrious jury including QUENTIN TARANTINO and GUY RITCHIE handed the film the top prize...

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French Thriller Scoops Eight Cesars

26th February 2006

French movie DE BATTRE MON COEUR S'EST ARRETE (THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED) scooped eight gongs at France's film award ceremony the Cesars last night (25FEB06). The film won honours in categories...

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Richardson Blasts Reality Shows

23rd December 2005

Actress VANESSA REDGRAVE has called British reality television "monstrous and degrading" and thinks it should be replaced by factual documentaries about the "real world". The NIP/TUCK star, 68, is convinced people want more educational...

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Saget Makes Penguin Love Story

18th November 2005

US comic actor BOB SAGET is writing and producing an adult-only comedy version of French movie documentary MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. The FULL HOUSE star has gathered over 70 hours of penguin footage to...

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Book Release For Hit Penguins Film

28th September 2005

Nature documentary MARCH OF THE PENGUINS has proven to be such a hit among children, producers are releasing a kids book to coincide with the DVD release of the movie. The film, which has...

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Penguin Documentary Maker Suffered Frostbite In Antarctica

10th July 2005

The makers of a hit new penguin documentary almost died while tracking the flightless birds in Antarctica when they were stranded in freezing winds. The MARCH OF THE PENGUINS co-director JEROME MAISON still suffers...

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Penguin Film Beating War Of The Worlds Per-screen

6th July 2005

A little documentary about migrating penguins has been declared the hit of the summer (05) in America - as far as individual screenings are concerned. MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, which cost just $8 million...

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